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Fashion Sunday

Women in business. It’s a hot, hot topic at the moment, and rightly so – thanks to the Emma Watsons, Caitlin Morans and Lena Dunhams of our generation, the issue of the female gender in the workplace has become a headline issue. Particularly women and entrepreneurship; women reportedly make up less than a third of those in self employment (link), but this recent article on Forbes.com suggests that companies spearheaded... ...READ MORE

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Pauline Ström Gunnér of GRANDPA

Whenever I go into Grandpa store I think of the TV show Cheers. Hear me out here. I know that an ultra-hip boutique in central Stockholm has nothing to do with a 1980's sitcom featuring questionable perms. But it's the essence of the show - the catchy "where everybody knows your name" mantra, that I relate to Grandpa. Grandpa has been highlighted as the coolest store in Sweden by everyone... ...READ MORE

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Gemma Boner of WHISTLES Menswear

There are some people that you meet and instantly warm to - Gemma Boner is one of these people. The PR Manager at Whistles Menswear is the lady responsible for ensuring that the brand's inaugural menswear collection receives fanfare in keeping with its impeccable design - so far so good, if you're anything like me, you've been gorging sneak peaks of the collection since Spring. And what a collection it's... ...READ MORE

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Elizabeth Fraser-Bell Fashion Editor at Dazed & Confused

  I have a little X that pops up in my calendar on a monthly basis. It marks the arrival of the fashion magazine drop - I live in Stockholm, so it's circa a week after local readers get their copies delivered. Nothing makes me happier than a zen filled Sunday sipping coffee and gorging a cornucopia of advertising, the written word and beautiful imagery. I am frequently caught sniffing... ...READ MORE

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Filippa Hallstensson aka Fifi of GANT Rugger

[caption id="attachment_4353" align="aligncenter" width="317"] Fifi is Head of Design at GANT Rugger[/caption] A few days ago GANT Rugger announced the launch of their debut womenswear line. Yes us girls can abandon scouring the aisles for XS menswear sweaters, and shop the Americana aesthetic in our own size from July - hooray! The lady ensuring that the womenswear line oozes as much cool as its menswear counterpart is Head Designer Filippa Hallstensson, aka... ...READ MORE

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Sara Weston of Eastie Empire

I stumbled across Eastie Empire, when a friend of mine sent me an image of an impeccably dressed lady with the lines "You will love this". She was right, love I did. Said photograph was of Eastie Empire founder Sara Weston wearing pieces from the brands recently launched womenswear collection. Originally a menswear brand specialising in tailoring, Eastie Empire expanded into womenswear as a result of a female clientele buying from... ...READ MORE

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Jennifer Allen of Reiss

Over the last few months I've gotten to the know the team over at REISS HQ quite well. We worked together to create my recent tuxedo feature and now for my most recent "Who's that Girl (in menswear)" interview, I've had the opportunity to catch up with a member of their menswear design team. The charming and very talented Jennifer Allen is responsible for some of the brands most beautiful... ...READ MORE

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Jennie Weglin and Razi Kantorp

A little while ago I featured a unisex t-shirt as part of an outfit post which was created by design collective Teeeshit. Started up by entrepreneurs Jennie Weglin and Razi Kantorp this Stockholm based duo are creating a collection of unisex pieces of fantastic quality, green consciousness and beautiful design. Girl in Menswear caught up with them to find out a bit more about where their inspiration comes from, why... ...READ MORE

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Ayishat Akanbi

I'm ashamed to say that I have been neglecting my weekly "Who's that Girl (in menswear)" interview duties of late, as other projects such as London Fashion Week and a relocation to Scandinavia have taken precedence. However, "Who's that Girl (in menswear)" is back, and its back with a big boy bang. Relaunching the section is Ayishat Akanbi a girl in menswear figurehead if ever there was one. Stylist to... ...READ MORE

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Lucie Hugary

Meet Lucie; professional fashion photographer, global adventurer, cat lover, menswear enthusiast and generally awesome lady! Girl in Menswear was lucky enough to grab some time with this Miami based sweetheart to get her tips on building a career in fashion photography, the current photographers we shouldn't be missing, and the menswear brands we should be keeping our beady, boyish eyes out for. This well-dressed lady oozes swagger and is charming... ...READ MORE

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Emma McIlroy

“We are tomboys. But like you we are also friends and sisters, heroines and hellions, rascals, rockers, shapeshifters and trendsetters. We’re here to liberate menswear one bowtie at a time and we’re doing it ourselves because we want it done right.” – Wildfang It's hard to read the WILDFANG manifesto and not do a little whoop, fist-pump type dance, because it's not only inspirational, it's also incredibly sincere. Back in... ...READ MORE

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This week's "Who's that Girl (in menswear)" features Donya-Patrice Campbell, one of the most stylish ladies bowling around London Town. You may have caught a glimpse of her on The Sartorialist, or perhaps spotted this well-garbed woman in the pages of Elle magazine. With impeccable taste and a flair for masculine tailoring she's one of the most effortlessly chic gals styling her way through this city. Girl in Menswear was... ...READ MORE

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