I am a little bit obsessed with the weather. Yes I know, you know that, because you read this blog, and know that virtually every post starts with an ode to Spring or an expression of bereavement about Stockholm’s inconsistent weather patterns. Yes, Mother Nature (or Moder Natur) ┬áis a crafty little lady. One day she’ll flirt with you, giving you blue skies and light breezes, and the next? Snow. Yep, lots and lots of snow.

My American friends can relate to this (can I get a V, can I get an O, can I get an R.T.E…), but you English lot aren’t allowed to chip in at the moment, because when I enquire about Sahara-style smog you tell me that “nope, BBC News don’t know what they’re talking about! It’s been lovely and balmy, so mild etc” and then follow up with an instagram shot of beautiful pink blossoms just to rub it in!

Transeasonal dressing can be tricky. Down jackets have been packed up with the rest of your winter gear and it’s too sunny for big, heavy boots. Yes ’tis the season for clever layering. So lady-friends and menswear aficionados, here’s what to wear when a “day in the life” ranges from zero degrees to a rather toasty twelve.


  • Fiftn UK

    Hey, I hear you, I love Spring too. After such a long Winter who wouldn’t, right? Loving the shades in your slide by the way, so cool and original.

    April 4th, 2014 17:59
    • girlinmenswear

      Hey, thanks for your feedback! It’s raining again here…will be needing that raincoat more than those shades today! x

      April 7th, 2014 8:45

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