sportsMy friend Samantha has a crush on her Ballates instructor.  Yep that’s right Ballates – ballet and pilates fused into an hour long work out in Peckham – she can’t get enough of it. My other friend does a yoga and song class – no jokes they chanted the Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love” last week whilst doing downward facing dog. Meanwhile I live next door to a tiny juice bar where for £120 you can replace your meals with pureed celery and pond scum – they call it spirulina but I know what it really is. And finally, every time I go for a coffee somebody is trying to rope me into recycling my soul, or cycling for my soul – in any case something on a bike that’s good for your soul.

Yes, it would appear my friends have all gone a bit fitness mad. Healthy living is en vogue, and because I easily succumb to peer pressure I kinda want to get in on the action.  So to start me off on the right foot I have done two things. Firstly, I’ve given up meat – for a week that is. I don’t know why this is healthy to be honest, but I do know that I’ve imbibed enough macki, nigiri and sashimi to feed a Japanese hamlet. The second thing I’ve done, which is equally constructive, is spent A LOT of time on Net a Porter’s newly launched “Net a Sporter”. As I scroll through beautifully curated spandex collections I can virtually feel the kilos dropping off me – the mind is a powerful tool after all.

So here’s what’s in my hypothetical basket – talk about an incentive to get fit.



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