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The Scandinavian Golden Era

I have spent the last year in Stockholm discovering the Scandinavian ready-to-wear labels that have propelled the region to the forefront of fashion – ACNE, Dagmar, HOPE and Designers Remix are names you may well have seen featured on these pages. However, it was only when I caught up with LoveGold a few months back that my attention was drawn to another area of exceptional Nordic design – jewellery. Not any jewellery either, that... ...READ MORE

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Unisex Jewellery: NO GOODS

I'm always a bit sceptic of unisex jewellery lines, as I rarely find one that I feel is truly desirable for both men and women. In fact other than watches, which have become relatively gender neutral of late, I've remained pretty underwhelmed by 'genderless' jewellery. However, I think I've found an exception to my rule, as I've just discovered George Frost's NO GOODS line.Designer by Lisa Salzer of LuLu Frost, NO GOODS... ...READ MORE

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