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Gemma Boner of WHISTLES Menswear

There are some people that you meet and instantly warm to - Gemma Boner is one of these people. The PR Manager at Whistles Menswear is the lady responsible for ensuring that the brand's inaugural menswear collection receives fanfare in keeping with its impeccable design - so far so good, if you're anything like me, you've been gorging sneak peaks of the collection since Spring. And what a collection it's... ...READ MORE

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There’s a new gang in town

  [caption id="attachment_5010" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Aurelie and Jade at the Wool and the Gang HQ[/caption] Since I discovered Wool and the Gang back in January this year, the posse of knitters seem to be cropping up all over the shop; A feature in the sidebar of The Sunday Times Style section, a link from one of my favourite bloggers and a celebrity collaboration with some of my favourite British designers... ...READ MORE

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Elizabeth Fraser-Bell Fashion Editor at Dazed & Confused

  I have a little X that pops up in my calendar on a monthly basis. It marks the arrival of the fashion magazine drop - I live in Stockholm, so it's circa a week after local readers get their copies delivered. Nothing makes me happier than a zen filled Sunday sipping coffee and gorging a cornucopia of advertising, the written word and beautiful imagery. I am frequently caught sniffing... ...READ MORE

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Sara Weston of Eastie Empire

I stumbled across Eastie Empire, when a friend of mine sent me an image of an impeccably dressed lady with the lines "You will love this". She was right, love I did. Said photograph was of Eastie Empire founder Sara Weston wearing pieces from the brands recently launched womenswear collection. Originally a menswear brand specialising in tailoring, Eastie Empire expanded into womenswear as a result of a female clientele buying from... ...READ MORE

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