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Future Heirlooms

My most prized possessions are not those that I've bought for myself, but the keepsakes that have been chosen for me. Gilded mementos given to me to carry on a tradition in my family. Of course, the nature of an heirloom is that it comes with responsibility - after all, you don't want to be the one who fails to pass on this rather precious parcel. Like golden catalysts for... ...READ MORE

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110 Years of Art & Design

Copenhagen is charming. It's all cobble stone alleyways, punctuated by grandiose museums and galleries. When the sun's shining - like it was yesterday - the Danish flock to their canals to sip Carlsberg by the water, locking up their bicycles along ivy, lined avenues.  It's ultra-trendy, but in that timeless, sophisticated way that Scandinavia has gotten down to a T. It's also well known for a commitment to design -... ...READ MORE

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The Scandinavian Golden Era

I have spent the last year in Stockholm discovering the Scandinavian ready-to-wear labels that have propelled the region to the forefront of fashion – ACNE, Dagmar, HOPE and Designers Remix are names you may well have seen featured on these pages. However, it was only when I caught up with LoveGold a few months back that my attention was drawn to another area of exceptional Nordic design – jewellery. Not any jewellery either, that... ...READ MORE

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The girl with the pearl earring

There's this super cool girl at an agency I've started freelancing at, she rocks vintage Kenzo trousers and has a pair of THOSE Celine black and gold brogues, and the other day she was wearing the most perfect single ear ring. A stunning pearl perched on the bottom of what looked like a belly button ring in one ear. I sat all through our meeting gawping at the right side... ...READ MORE

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Unisex Jewellery: NO GOODS

I'm always a bit sceptic of unisex jewellery lines, as I rarely find one that I feel is truly desirable for both men and women. In fact other than watches, which have become relatively gender neutral of late, I've remained pretty underwhelmed by 'genderless' jewellery. However, I think I've found an exception to my rule, as I've just discovered George Frost's NO GOODS line.Designer by Lisa Salzer of LuLu Frost, NO GOODS... ...READ MORE

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