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Ways to wear a white shirt

My good friend Julia, from the blog Stylonylon, informed me the other day that she has never owned a white shirt - I know, crazy right? It's hardly a secret that a white shirt is my style staple and I have an extensive collection that I treasure. So when she received this beautiful one from Dawson D Rose, we chatted through how she would style it for various occasions and concluded... ...READ MORE

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Shall we Chanel?

Oh my days! Let's take minute to window shop shall we? To whimsically eye up these espadrilles and visualise how they would look slipped onto our feet. To envisage all the ankle baring pants we could pair with them, and the glamorous outings we would embark on. Ah, just imagine it. Now, let's calculate how long it would take to save up for said shoes. I figure if I lived... ...READ MORE

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Its Spring (sort of)

  If you follow me on social media you will have no doubt heard me rejoice the arrival of warmer weather in Stockholm. Yes I know you had 18 degrees in London, but even though the temperature barely scraped double digits here, I was out and about in a tee and sandals this weekend with the best of them.My first Spring look of the season features some of my key... ...READ MORE

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