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Pauline Ström Gunnér of GRANDPA

Whenever I go into Grandpa store I think of the TV show Cheers. Hear me out here. I know that an ultra-hip boutique in central Stockholm has nothing to do with a 1980's sitcom featuring questionable perms. But it's the essence of the show - the catchy "where everybody knows your name" mantra, that I relate to Grandpa. Grandpa has been highlighted as the coolest store in Sweden by everyone... ...READ MORE

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How to Rock the Kasbah

When I told friends that I was headed to Morocco for a holiday, I was granted a rather mixed response. Some people raved about the country and others, well, let's just say, not so much. My verdict? I loved it. Marrakech is an assault on the senses. The walled Medina runs a 19km perimeter that marks the old city. Within these ancient walls are meandering souks, palatial riads, grandiose museums... ...READ MORE

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110 Years of Art & Design

Copenhagen is charming. It's all cobble stone alleyways, punctuated by grandiose museums and galleries. When the sun's shining - like it was yesterday - the Danish flock to their canals to sip Carlsberg by the water, locking up their bicycles along ivy, lined avenues.  It's ultra-trendy, but in that timeless, sophisticated way that Scandinavia has gotten down to a T. It's also well known for a commitment to design -... ...READ MORE

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R&R (rave and relaxation)

Are you by any chance heading to Ibiza for the closing parties? If you are, I'm beyond jealous. This season was my third on the White Isle and by far one of my favourites. A week was spent with twelve fantastic friends, in a melting pot of relaxation, fine dining, cocktail sipping and all night raving. There's so much on offer that at times it can feel overwhelming. With so... ...READ MORE

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Go West!

Way Out West It's vegetarian, has a low carbon footprint and the beer is locally sourced, but don't let its green credentials fool you, Way Out West is far more hipster than hippy. Eight years in, and WOW has fast become Sweden's most reputable festival, attracting the likes of Kanye West, N.E.R.D, Florence and the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, Prince, Haim and Alicia Keys to its grounds in Gothenburg.... ...READ MORE

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A week in the life: Stockholm

For many, keeping a blog is a bit like keeping a journal. We document what we did, where we went and who we saw. I am sure you are not interested in the ins and outs of my every day life, but if you are anything like me, you may just be interested in learning of a few hidden gems around Stockholm which I frequented this past week. Often people... ...READ MORE

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The Arctic Circle

My friends will tell you I hate the cold, so its a bit of a juxtaposition really, that I've always wanted to visit the Arctic - I blame Attenborough. Now that I'm based in Stockholm, it seemed the perfect time to realise my dream, after all the Arctic circle is virtually on my door step - well 1236km from my door step to be exact. For four days me and my... ...READ MORE

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Milan, Verona and Venice: 3 cities, 3 days, 3 kilos.

I am forever left awed by Italy. I can't think of anywhere else in the world that offers up history, art, culture, gastronomy and natural wonders in the same abundance. Couple that with beautiful weather and wonderful people, and you truly have the most dolce of vitas. I actually spent several of my teenage years based in Rome, but despite my geographical stationing, until last week I had never ventured... ...READ MORE

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A week in and around Lisbon

5 reasons you need to book a trip to Lisbon The Weather: The annual average temperature is 16.8*C and it rarely rains - need I say anymore? The Culture: There is endless culture to explore here, but without the hordes of tourists you see in other European capitals. Follow the guidebook mantra and call into Belem, explore the streets of Alfama and take a visit Sintra, but here's an insider... ...READ MORE

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