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Introducing: Hugo Costa

Portugal has a long heritage of manufacturing textiles and leather goods, a tradition that's seen a resurgence over the last decade. Meanwhile made in China and Bangladesh, has had some reputation management issues. For the most part "Made in Asia" is associated with poor working conditions, prompting luxury and high street retailers to bring production back to Europe. That's where Portugal comes in. Production is all very well and good,... ...READ MORE

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American Apparel: Boobs for Bangladesh

Let's get one thing clear, I do not hate American Apparel clothes. In fact, I actually really like their silky vintage-feel shirts and glitzy leggings (hey I was born in the 80's give me a break), but God do I have issues with the way they market themselves. The controversial clothing manufacturer has been called into question on numerous occasion for their risque use of female models, and the gender... ...READ MORE

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Unisex Jewellery: NO GOODS

I'm always a bit sceptic of unisex jewellery lines, as I rarely find one that I feel is truly desirable for both men and women. In fact other than watches, which have become relatively gender neutral of late, I've remained pretty underwhelmed by 'genderless' jewellery. However, I think I've found an exception to my rule, as I've just discovered George Frost's NO GOODS line.Designer by Lisa Salzer of LuLu Frost, NO GOODS... ...READ MORE

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A new dawn for Joseph

[caption id="attachment_2978" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Joseph: SS14[/caption] Have you heard the news? I'm a few weeks late to the party to be honest, but there are a few very exciting changes occurring over at Joseph. In womenswear, the latest is that the brand will be showing at London Fashion Week next month. Topshop Unique is now a firm favourite on the calendar, and Whistles too has joined the fashion foray, so... ...READ MORE

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