Glasgow-Boy_fy8Remember when Paris Hilton coordinated her bubble pink outfits to her convertible, and we all rolled our eyes and passed it off as another ridiculous stunt by the IT girl? Since then I haven’t really thought about coordinating colour with my preferred mode of transport (currently a baby blue fixie bike with no breaks), but the current matchy-matchy trend demands that you correspond it all. Nails with lips, cats with bags (yes Ms Swift thanks for that), print with print, and car with clothing. I will be using the above picture by photographer Juan Jose Lorenzo and styled by PC Williams as my inspiration…I mean it’s pretty badass, right?  

  • Izael Garrido

    I am tried this week this trend! It is really fun 😀 you have an amazing blog, I am following your steps now :)

    April 6th, 2014 0:37
    • girlinmenswear

      Thanks so much Izael, I really appreciate your support! You need to send over a picture of you wearing the trend! x

      April 7th, 2014 8:47

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