IDLE4I am in training.

Which, by the way is something I have never done – nor had the desire to do – in my life. And by training, I mean exercising like a crazy person in preparation for an “adventure” I signed up for with some friends in Ireland. I have spent the last few weeks cycling everywhere, running and kayaking (yes kayaking!!!) to try to build some muscle for the physical challenge that awaits me. I am, needless to say, grossly underprepared.

What you may ask has this got to do with clothes? Well my friends, I’m glad you ask that question, because actually a hell of a lot.

If you are a gym-goer, you will know that heading off for a day at work (laptop, wallet, phone, keys etc.) and then heading to the gym (trainers, leggings, towel and so on) requires a roomy bag. Now add onto that cycling in (with no basket) and you need a backpack that is spacious, sturdy and stylish. You also of course don’t want to look like you’ve been packed off for a day at school – cue my new backpack by Herschel (courtesy of menswear retailer The Idle Man).



It’s perfect for my commute, but it’s also a pretty ideal weekend bag too. And yes, I know it’s not as suave as a leather holdall, but it’s perfect for sporty-types who want function, but are still concerned with form. Speaking of function, it’s also got room for all of your tech essentials – ideal.


So me and my backpack are headed out in this voluminous, silk shirt by Religion (current obsession), slim-fit tailored trousers by COS and my all-time favourite skates by menswear leather goods company Oliver Sweeney. We’re going for Sunday brunch with mates, before another excruciatingly painful Spinning class…wish me luck!



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