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My (Spring) Shoe Story

Spring has arrived in Stockholm - hooray! Well it sort of has. It's actually forecast to snow this weekend which means all the winter coats I stored away at the first sight of sunshine, need to be dragged down from the attic once again. Bummer right? These transitional months between winter and spring are always...

My (Silver) Shoe Story

This season my toes will be dancing in shoes the colour of tinsel. Yep, breaking up my uniform of black in the spring, and head-to-toe white in the summer, are pairs of beautiful silver slippers. Some with slight heels to add a note of femininity to my boyish look. Some chunky and flat to convey...

Training Gear – the Good Kind

I am in training. Which, by the way is something I have never done - nor had the desire to do - in my life. And by training, I mean exercising like a crazy person in preparation for an "adventure" I signed up for with some friends in Ireland. I have spent the last few weeks cycling everywhere, running and kayaking (yes kayaking!!!) to try to build some muscle for... ...READ MORE

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The 3 Hottest Hair Trends to Pair with Menswear

I have neglected my blog of late. Instead I've been focused on other areas of my life: I bought an apartment, got a full-time job - Hell, I basically grew up a bit! And, truth be told, I haven't really missed blogging. Instead I've relished the new challenges that have come my way over the last eight months or so. But then something happened. Totally out of the blue, I... ...READ MORE

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My (Spring) Shoe Story

Spring has arrived in Stockholm - hooray! Well it sort of has. It's actually forecast to snow this weekend which means all the winter coats I stored away at the first sight of sunshine, need to be dragged down from the attic once again. Bummer right? These transitional months between winter and spring are always challenging from a style point of view. You're likely to boil if you wear head-to-toe... ...READ MORE

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My (Silver) Shoe Story

This season my toes will be dancing in shoes the colour of tinsel. Yep, breaking up my uniform of black in the spring, and head-to-toe white in the summer, are pairs of beautiful silver slippers. Some with slight heels to add a note of femininity to my boyish look. Some chunky and flat to convey that cool-girl aesthetic that streetwear has made so popular. You can follow (or join) the... ...READ MORE

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My Shoe Story

Rod Stewart's third album, was called "Every Picture Tells a Story". Well this weekend, in the world of Girl in Menswear, every pair of shoes told a story - #myshoestory to be exact. Collaborating with John Lewis I packed up a beautiful pair of white, leather sneakers and took them to Paris to wander some of the city's most breathtaking streets. My plimsolls, with coordinating white ribbons, took to the Louvre,... ...READ MORE

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Too early for Sandals? A shoe story.

    Spring appears to have arrived in Stockholm – this is big news when you live in a city that is cursed with six months of darkness and minus figures. Yes, the snow has melted to give way for longer days, filled with glorious sunshine. And although the temperatures have only just about creeped up to double digits, blue skies have prompted me to pull out the sandals. Crazy?... ...READ MORE

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London Collections: Men – Sunday and Monday

God bless Hunter Gather. Their 10.30am show on Sunday morning was accompanied by a tasty breakfast buffet, including smoked salmon bagels, granola, and some toxic looking charcoal cleanse drinks. I avoided these. My body is no temple. [slideshow_deploy id='6434'] The aesthetic was firmly '70s, with flared, shimmering denim jeans and longline shearling jackets (there's that shearling again). The music was appropriate to theme, with James Taylor playing over the show. I... ...READ MORE

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London Collections: Men – Saturday

Saturday was my busiest day at LC:M, and I was seriously feeling it by the evening. With nine shows to see, it was an early start and a late finish - but it was really, really fun. [slideshow_deploy id='6342'] Berthold commenced the day, with incredibly architectural, minimal pieces in monochrome. The models' hair was slicked into a Flock of Seagulls, gravity defying wave, the only nod to a curved line... ...READ MORE

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London Collections: Men – Friday

After Superdry ably began proceedings on Thursday, it was time to get my teeth into some shows. First up was Cambridge Satchel Company, a very British bag brand that famously has its roots on Julie Dean's kitchen table. [slideshow_deploy id='6337'] The latest collection is inspired by travel and the globe, with matte, brushed textures on the leather, suggesting durability and reliability. The colours were sumptuous, with deep burgundies and near-black... ...READ MORE

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LC:M January 2015 – Superdry

Superdry opened its first store in 2004, in Covent Garden. A little under a decade later, and SuperGroup plc, of which the distinctive American/Japanese collision is a part, had an annual turnover of £242.5 million in 2013. The 2014 figures are yet to be released, but the brand is evidently thriving. Their show on Thursday evening at their huge Regent Street store helped kick off this season's London Collections: Men. Though... ...READ MORE

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Introducing: Hugo Costa

Portugal has a long heritage of manufacturing textiles and leather goods, a tradition that's seen a resurgence over the last decade. Meanwhile made in China and Bangladesh, has had some reputation management issues. For the most part "Made in Asia" is associated with poor working conditions, prompting luxury and high street retailers to bring production back to Europe. That's where Portugal comes in. Production is all very well and good,... ...READ MORE

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Future Heirlooms

My most prized possessions are not those that I've bought for myself, but the keepsakes that have been chosen for me. Gilded mementos given to me to carry on a tradition in my family. Of course, the nature of an heirloom is that it comes with responsibility - after all, you don't want to be the one who fails to pass on this rather precious parcel. Like golden catalysts for... ...READ MORE

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Dazed Digital x Susie Bubble

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will be familiar with super blogger-cum-fashion editor Susie Lau of StyleBubble. She’s the ultimate defendant of the blogging community, a contributing writer for Business of Fashion and Dazed Digital, a fashion icon and a woman with intelligence, integrity and poise. Her unique voice is known and respected in both the journalism and blogging communities; this makes her something of a rarity. I heard... ...READ MORE

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Fashion Sunday

Women in business. It’s a hot, hot topic at the moment, and rightly so – thanks to the Emma Watsons, Caitlin Morans and Lena Dunhams of our generation, the issue of the female gender in the workplace has become a headline issue. Particularly women and entrepreneurship; women reportedly make up less than a third of those in self employment (link), but this recent article on Forbes.com suggests that companies spearheaded... ...READ MORE

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Pauline Ström Gunnér of GRANDPA

Whenever I go into Grandpa store I think of the TV show Cheers. Hear me out here. I know that an ultra-hip boutique in central Stockholm has nothing to do with a 1980's sitcom featuring questionable perms. But it's the essence of the show - the catchy "where everybody knows your name" mantra, that I relate to Grandpa. Grandpa has been highlighted as the coolest store in Sweden by everyone... ...READ MORE

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Grenson AW14/SS15

Hold on to your laces ladies – or rather, don’t – because Grenson’s latest season offering is leather-lust at its finest.   For the uninitiated amongst you, Grenson is a purveyor of luxury footwear (and since 2010, bags) and is the answer to all your brogue-related prayers. The brand has existed since 1866, but underwent a major revitalisation in 2005 with the arrival of Tim Little, who breathed new life... ...READ MORE

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Only happy when it rains?

Eurgh. I hate the rain. You can keep your romantic notions of tip-tapping raindrops on roofs, thank you very much. I would much rather long, languid summer days or snow. Yep, if it's going to be bitterly cold, I say give me the good stuff. Unfortunately though, October and November invite gail force winds and downpours - the kind an umbrella can't stand up to. So before investing in my... ...READ MORE

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I have a certain amount of respect for regular hat wearers. I truly believe it takes courage to leave the house in a hat - like it take balls to wear gem-encrusted lip art, tattoo your face and to commute aboard an adult scooter. Far too many times have I left the house with the most fantastic headwear on, only to take one step out the door and chicken out.... ...READ MORE

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Shit Shoes

My shoe is covered in shit is a phrase that need no longer fill you with disgust. Because Betabrand has gone and purposely covered a shoe in pooh - but happy pooh, so it's ok. I'm not one for toilet humour if honest, but everyone's favourite emoji - second only to the warthog and tempura shrimp - is the perky pooh. And now boys - and girls with big feet... ...READ MORE

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Woohoo it’s WANG!

Tomboys of the world rejoice - or those of you that have a penchant for pleather, roomy sportswear and beanies, you should rejoice too! It's here! It's here! Alexander Wang has unveiled his collaboration with high street retail giant H&M. This is American sportswear, but not as we know it. Think black, angular and contemporary - that signature Wang aesthetic but loosened up for a younger demographic. If you've spent... ...READ MORE

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Chunky knits for him n her…but mostly her

On those languid Sundays, designed for feasting on brunch, overdosing on caffeine and strolling through quaint boutiques, do you ever find yourself encouraging your partner to make ill advised purchases? By that I mean, to spend his hard earned cash on oversized sweaters in earthy tones - because let's be honest khaki's your colour (not his). Or to invest in super skinny pleather pants that make him feel self-conscious, but... ...READ MORE

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What would your boss say?

Is it a tad presumptuous to rock up at a freelance writing job wearing a sweater that says "Editor in Chief"? Er, probably. It's not the subtlest of messages to your actual Editor in Chief is it? I suppose as a general rule of thumb, going into work with your bosses job title written across your chest is a bit of a faux pas. I would like you all to... ...READ MORE

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I am a marketers dream. No seriously. I can look at a shoe, and hey it's just a shoe. But then I hear a story of craftsmanship, of sustainability, a rich heritage of design fuelled by passion, and before I know it I've spunked my salary on a new pair of flats! Roll up, roll up, sales folk I'm your ticket to easy commission! That's kind of how I got... ...READ MORE

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The Coolest Cats to Copy Now

My "best dress list" includes all the usual suspects; Clemence Poesy, the Olsens, Alexa Chung, Charlotte Gainsbourg...I know, I know it's all a tad cliche, but there you have it. I could eat up their style all day along. But for Fall, I've decided to broaden my fashionable horizons and look elsewhere for some inspiration. So here's the skinny on the girls I'll be emulating this season.   I have... ...READ MORE

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Can’t Talk Eating

I know it's Baltic outside,  but I got a slight tan in Morocco and I'll be damned if I don't get to show it off a little! So here I am, in today's look - a mixture of Fall favourites, unisex pieces and menswear inspired garbs - Oh, and Homer Simpson, but we'll get to that. There's a trend that'e been brewing in fashion for a while now - Moschino... ...READ MORE

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How to Rock the Kasbah

When I told friends that I was headed to Morocco for a holiday, I was granted a rather mixed response. Some people raved about the country and others, well, let's just say, not so much. My verdict? I loved it. Marrakech is an assault on the senses. The walled Medina runs a 19km perimeter that marks the old city. Within these ancient walls are meandering souks, palatial riads, grandiose museums... ...READ MORE

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110 Years of Art & Design

Copenhagen is charming. It's all cobble stone alleyways, punctuated by grandiose museums and galleries. When the sun's shining - like it was yesterday - the Danish flock to their canals to sip Carlsberg by the water, locking up their bicycles along ivy, lined avenues.  It's ultra-trendy, but in that timeless, sophisticated way that Scandinavia has gotten down to a T. It's also well known for a commitment to design -... ...READ MORE

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Shoes made to touch

Have you noticed that there's a trend in favour of the tactile at the moment? I feel like everything I pick up warrants a stroke. In fact the other day I went for a first meeting and found myself idly fondling the girl next to me's sleeve - not appropriate, when you've known someone for all of ten minutes! Touchy-feely fabrics come in varying guises; the chic shearling jacket that's... ...READ MORE

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A day out with Olympus

One of the things I have enjoyed the most about having a blog, is learning how to use a camera properly. Of course I've had cameras before, but previously I'd never used any setting other than "Automatic" - I basically thought "ISO" was a soft drink. Although my photography skills still have "room for improvement", I am always looking to get that bit better. So, when fellow blogger Julia from Stylonylon... ...READ MORE

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Last day, Last outfit

For the third and final day of Fashion Week in Stockholm I wore my wardrobe's new hero piece, a shirt dress by The Fifth Label. Heralding from Australia, The Fifth Label was founded by young design talent Amy Hicks, who looked to create a brand that included high quality basics, that felt luxurious, but were still priced accessibly. The collection is made up of easy-to-wear minimalist pieces that retain a... ...READ MORE

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The Second day of Stockholm Fashion Week

  And then there was light! Finally some respite from the downpour which did not heed for the full duration of Day 1. The second day of Stockholm Fashion Week was glorious, and by this stage familiar faces from around the world had arrived for a day packed full of Swedish design. Day highlights? Without a doubt the spectacle of the Cheap Monday show hosted in a community swimming pool... ...READ MORE

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The first day of Stockholm Fashion Week

In true Fashion Week style it decided to chuck it down for the duration of the first day of Stockholm Fashion Week - what a way to greet the international guests hey? Fashion Week is not all glamorous - you spend a large portion of the day huddled into a queue that snakes around the show space, hoping a merciful (and dry) PR lady will hurry it up, so you... ...READ MORE

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Ida Sjöstedt SS15

  In many ways Ida Sjöstedt is the antithesis of Swedish design - it's bright, gaudy, sparkly and as in your face as they come. Forget feminism for a second, this is the world of the Disney Princess come Katy Perry, and go figure the Scandis lap it up - who wudda guessed it hey? For SS15 Sjöstedt is the "Queen of F*cking Everything". In a 70's inspired, throw-back-Thursday themed... ...READ MORE

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J Lindeberg SS15

Traditionally, J Lindeberg's chief competition at Stockholm Fashion Week is Tiger of Sweden, but with Tiger's debut show at London Collection Men,  J. Lindeberg was left wide open for comment and criticism, free of comparison from their competitor. AW14 saw a departure for J Lindeberg from their preppy, golf-inspired roots to something darker and more edgy. Leather was introduced as a primary fabric, to introduce a rock 'n' roll aesthetic that... ...READ MORE

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In many ways Filippa K epitomises Swedish design. Clean lines, muted tones, subtle details and sumptuous fabrics have been the backbone of Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg's brand since their debut collection in 1993. The Celine of the Swedish fashion scene, theirs is the effortless and uncomplicated aesthetic for which Scandinavian has become renowned. For SS15 womenswear, Filippa K loosens up an otherwise strict colour palette of black, grey, navy and... ...READ MORE

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R&R (rave and relaxation)

Are you by any chance heading to Ibiza for the closing parties? If you are, I'm beyond jealous. This season was my third on the White Isle and by far one of my favourites. A week was spent with twelve fantastic friends, in a melting pot of relaxation, fine dining, cocktail sipping and all night raving. There's so much on offer that at times it can feel overwhelming. With so... ...READ MORE

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Thinking about what YOU want.

I'm looking for a new job. Don't worry I left my last one already, so this isn't some crazy digital confession that will see me fired, like that girl who openly slagged off her boss on Facebook and got caught. No, I'm freelancing at the moment which always sounds dubious, but I am actually doing work, albeit from the comfort of my kitchen table. So rather than look for a... ...READ MORE

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When Fall, falls too quickly.

Holy Mother of Missoni, what the hell happened to the weather? Ok, I know meteorology chat is rather dull but seriously, one minute I was cycling around Stockholm in little more than my denim cut-offs and now I'm cocooning myself in swathes of fabric like the little matchstick girl, and Hell I didn't even get to wear half of my Topman short-sleeved summer shirts yet! Is this really it? Are... ...READ MORE

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There's something bizarrely comforting about wearing an all-in-one. The rise of the onesie on every student, festival-goer and stoner is testament to this. Yes, you can christen it a jumpsuit or a playsuit, but the fact of the matter is, the one-piece is a baby grow just in a larger size, with a prettier print. It's funny how a garment marketed to a  demographic of 0 to 18months has become... ...READ MORE

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The Ultimate Rookie

Stockholm Fashion Week is a mere few weeks away, but prior to the event, the Swedish Fashion Council showcased an equally exciting foray of talent - the Rookies. Earlier this week twelve new menswear, womenswear and accessories design talents were selected to present their collections to an audience of buyers and press, with one designer awarded the "Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year". Previous winners include Dagmar and Uniforms for... ...READ MORE

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