Hold on to your laces ladies – or rather, don’t – because Grenson’s latest season offering is leather-lust at its finest.


For the uninitiated amongst you, Grenson is a purveyor of luxury footwear (and since 2010, bags) and is the answer to all your brogue-related prayers. The brand has existed since 1866, but underwent a major revitalisation in 2005 with the arrival of Tim Little, who breathed new life into the then struggling label, making it the emporium of quality that it remains to this day. Little took Grenson over in 2010.

Grenson make their shoes by a method known as ‘Goodyear welting’, a quintessentially British method that basically ensures a hardwearing, lasting product. They also provide a service whereby you can get your Grensons resoled; but not only that; you can swap the soles completely. Seriously. Say you bought a pair with a swish tracked sole, but a year or so down the line, fancied something a bit sleeker. CAN DO – the artisanal cobblers at the factory will take the leather upper off the sole entirely, and give you a brand new one. Just like that.

The label also uses a combination of British lasts (the mould used to make the shape of the shoe), being a more rounded toe, and Italian lasts, which offer a longer, pointer toe. Each girls’ shoe has a ‘brother’ in the men’s range, and vice versa.

I haven’t even mentioned the bespoke design service, G Lab. If you have a spare £400 or so to burn, you can choose from a range of styles, and then pick your favourite colour, sole and leather combos, creating a truly unique shoe. Think more upmarket Nike ID. The possibilities are almost infinite – I had a look at the swatches and finishes available and nearly combusted with the potential.

Enough science – time for some shoe porn. Below are some of my favourites from both this season, and SS15.

Patent red croc + lightweight vibram sole = sign me up

Patent red croc + lightweight vibram sole = sign me up

These are my 'excuse me while I kick through the glass ceiling' treads

These are my ‘excuse me while I kick through the glass ceiling’ treads

Look at the grain on that...and in AUBERGINE

Look at the grain on that…and in AUBERGINE 

The brand refuses to condescend its female customers. Almost all of the women’s’ shoes Grenson makes are simply scaled down versions of the boys’. There is no attempt to feminise their brogues, to pretty up their monk straps, or make their Chelsea boots girlier. So climb aboard, make an investment, and thank me later.

Lizzie xx

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