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Training Gear – the Good Kind

I am in training. Which, by the way is something I have never done - nor had the desire to do - in my life. And by training, I mean exercising like a crazy person in preparation for an "adventure" I signed up for with some friends in Ireland. I have spent the last few weeks cycling everywhere, running and kayaking (yes kayaking!!!) to try to build some muscle for... ...READ MORE

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Future Heirlooms

My most prized possessions are not those that I've bought for myself, but the keepsakes that have been chosen for me. Gilded mementos given to me to carry on a tradition in my family. Of course, the nature of an heirloom is that it comes with responsibility - after all, you don't want to be the one who fails to pass on this rather precious parcel. Like golden catalysts for... ...READ MORE

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I have a certain amount of respect for regular hat wearers. I truly believe it takes courage to leave the house in a hat - like it take balls to wear gem-encrusted lip art, tattoo your face and to commute aboard an adult scooter. Far too many times have I left the house with the most fantastic headwear on, only to take one step out the door and chicken out.... ...READ MORE

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What would your boss say?

Is it a tad presumptuous to rock up at a freelance writing job wearing a sweater that says "Editor in Chief"? Er, probably. It's not the subtlest of messages to your actual Editor in Chief is it? I suppose as a general rule of thumb, going into work with your bosses job title written across your chest is a bit of a faux pas. I would like you all to... ...READ MORE

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I am a marketers dream. No seriously. I can look at a shoe, and hey it's just a shoe. But then I hear a story of craftsmanship, of sustainability, a rich heritage of design fuelled by passion, and before I know it I've spunked my salary on a new pair of flats! Roll up, roll up, sales folk I'm your ticket to easy commission! That's kind of how I got... ...READ MORE

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Can’t Talk Eating

I know it's Baltic outside,  but I got a slight tan in Morocco and I'll be damned if I don't get to show it off a little! So here I am, in today's look - a mixture of Fall favourites, unisex pieces and menswear inspired garbs - Oh, and Homer Simpson, but we'll get to that. There's a trend that'e been brewing in fashion for a while now - Moschino... ...READ MORE

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110 Years of Art & Design

Copenhagen is charming. It's all cobble stone alleyways, punctuated by grandiose museums and galleries. When the sun's shining - like it was yesterday - the Danish flock to their canals to sip Carlsberg by the water, locking up their bicycles along ivy, lined avenues.  It's ultra-trendy, but in that timeless, sophisticated way that Scandinavia has gotten down to a T. It's also well known for a commitment to design -... ...READ MORE

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Last day, Last outfit

For the third and final day of Fashion Week in Stockholm I wore my wardrobe's new hero piece, a shirt dress by The Fifth Label. Heralding from Australia, The Fifth Label was founded by young design talent Amy Hicks, who looked to create a brand that included high quality basics, that felt luxurious, but were still priced accessibly. The collection is made up of easy-to-wear minimalist pieces that retain a... ...READ MORE

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The Second day of Stockholm Fashion Week

  And then there was light! Finally some respite from the downpour which did not heed for the full duration of Day 1. The second day of Stockholm Fashion Week was glorious, and by this stage familiar faces from around the world had arrived for a day packed full of Swedish design. Day highlights? Without a doubt the spectacle of the Cheap Monday show hosted in a community swimming pool... ...READ MORE

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The first day of Stockholm Fashion Week

In true Fashion Week style it decided to chuck it down for the duration of the first day of Stockholm Fashion Week - what a way to greet the international guests hey? Fashion Week is not all glamorous - you spend a large portion of the day huddled into a queue that snakes around the show space, hoping a merciful (and dry) PR lady will hurry it up, so you... ...READ MORE

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There's something bizarrely comforting about wearing an all-in-one. The rise of the onesie on every student, festival-goer and stoner is testament to this. Yes, you can christen it a jumpsuit or a playsuit, but the fact of the matter is, the one-piece is a baby grow just in a larger size, with a prettier print. It's funny how a garment marketed to a  demographic of 0 to 18months has become... ...READ MORE

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Top of the Socks

I have a confession to make; My last post featured very little menswear. Hell, I wore two skirts and a tiara - it couldn't have been further from dickie bows and whistles and flutes. Rightly so, someone called me up on my lack of menswear via instagram, which made me step back and reflect on the essence of Girl in Menswear. Yes, it's "not just for girls, and not just about menswear", but... ...READ MORE

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The Scandinavian Golden Era

I have spent the last year in Stockholm discovering the Scandinavian ready-to-wear labels that have propelled the region to the forefront of fashion – ACNE, Dagmar, HOPE and Designers Remix are names you may well have seen featured on these pages. However, it was only when I caught up with LoveGold a few months back that my attention was drawn to another area of exceptional Nordic design – jewellery. Not any jewellery either, that... ...READ MORE

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Touchdown London Town.

So I am late with this look - sorry about that! This image was taken a few months back when I was in London hanging with my one of my favourite blogging pals - Julia from Stylonylon. On our way to chat and make merry over some cocktails we stumbled across this little road near Waterloo Station. You don't get more archetypally English in my eyes; brick walls, whitewashed front... ...READ MORE

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It’s fun to stay at the…

It's always exciting when one of your favourite menswear labels reinvigorates their womenswear line. You Must Create (YMC) has long been one of my preferred brands for quality, durable men's clothing that transcends trends, it's only recently however that I've been drawn to their womenswear too. The aesthetic is utilitarian and easy to wear. It's designed for the kind of woman that makes the quietest entrance at the party, but... ...READ MORE

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A creature of habit

From January until June this year my monochrome Nike runners were to my feet what bacon is to syrup - a match made in oh-so-good heaven. My trainers were my significant other - I could take them anywhere and loved showing them off. They were as happy going to the movies as they were to a meeting, I knew they would beguile crowds at formal functions as quickly as they... ...READ MORE

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Work it to work.

Hey there team, I'm back again and not budging for a while. After a wonderful week on the White Isle and another spent in the UK, I am now back to Stockholm where summer seems to have arrived and it's as glorious as everyone promised. Long days are spent strolling along the water front, taking boat rides out to the archipelago to sip rose at sunset and cycling around a... ...READ MORE

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London Collections Men: What I Wore

Fellow GiM, Lizzie, has been doing a great job at keeping you updated with what the Collections attendees were wearing on the streets of London. Fashion Weeks always draw out the best (and most eccentrically) dressed from the wood works and LCM was no exception. So now that you know what everyone else looked like, here's a quick post about what I wore. Day 1: As Reiss' instagram representative on... ...READ MORE

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The World Cup Kicks Off in Brazil!

And to celebrate here's a little samba dance... well something like that. Wearing: Toucan silk shirt by Silken Favours, cropped chinos by WILDFANG and shoes by Kurt Geiger. ...READ MORE

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You’re gonna hear me ROOOOOOAR!

I don't normally feature two outfit posts in a row, but I couldn't hold off writing about this particular look. See I'm a tad obsessed with a new collection of silk shirts I have acquired from a new British brand called Silken Favours. I was caught in an instagram black hole, (as often happens) when I stumbled across a photo of a mint green cowboy shirt adorned with tassels, pink... ...READ MORE

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A case for the Maxi dress

It is highly unusual for me to look pretty. Oh no, I'm not fishing for compliments or anything, it's just that "pretty" and menswear don't tend to go hand in hand. I prefer "sharp", "sleek", maybe even "dapper", but pretty isn't usually it. It's funny then that I should find an unlikely lover in a very pretty maxi dress by French Connection. I've spent summers smugly observing my female friends... ...READ MORE

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Wedding Dressing

If, like yours truly, you are of a slightly more (ahem) mature age, then your summer diary is most likely to be peppered with weekends at weddings. For some of you this might equate to low key affairs a short train ride away from home, and for others, this might mean outings to stately homes for a grandiose showdown to rival the likes of KimYe and Poppy Delevingne's recent matrimonies.... ...READ MORE

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Ways to wear a white shirt

My good friend Julia, from the blog Stylonylon, informed me the other day that she has never owned a white shirt - I know, crazy right? It's hardly a secret that a white shirt is my style staple and I have an extensive collection that I treasure. So when she received this beautiful one from Dawson D Rose, we chatted through how she would style it for various occasions and concluded... ...READ MORE

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Oh darling, let’s be adventurers

Fashion is all very well and good,  but if you can't actually do stuff in it, then it's pretty redundant if you ask me. Gawd, that's not a very "fashion blogger-esque" thing to say is it? But it's true. I love to flounce around with the best of them, but if honest on the weekend nothing floats my proverbial boat more than clambering into some comfortable clothing and setting off... ...READ MORE

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PAPER Planes

I wrote a post a few months back questioning whether or not my (let's call it) petite frame could handle the cut of the culotte, and was delighted when the lovely lasses over at PAPER London offered to help me out with a pair to experiment with. If you haven't heard of Kelly Townsend and Phillipa Thakeray's London label, than you can thank me later for this particular introduction. PAPER... ...READ MORE

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Short ‘n Suit

When my phone is on shuffle it can deliver some rather embarrassing results (namely in the realms of Miley Cyrus ballads circa 2013), but today whilst I was making breakfast it graced me with Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" - if I could whistle you a section (slightly out of tune) I would, just in case you're confusing it with Will Smith or Ella Fitzgerald's summer themed hits. It can... ...READ MORE

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Shoes for dancing.

Apologies for my absence online this last week, I have been taking a staycation in and around Stockholm, taking advantage of the double digit temperatures and long days of sunshine. This blog has been a bit heavy on the personal style element of late too, as my summer wardrobe becomes more robust and I acquire new pieces that I look forward to sharing with you. If you prefer to read... ...READ MORE

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T is for TOMBOY

Regular readers of the blog will be all too familiar with my love of tomboy label Wildfang. Since their launch last year, I have been closely following the meteoric rise to success of co-founders Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley. Kitting out ladies with everything from ties to tanks, the brand is perfect for girls who want the aesthetics of menswear in sizes that fit just right. I'm wearing one of their... ...READ MORE

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A forest hymn

It's not every day that you get to shoot with a professional photographer, but if anyone was going to have me smizing with the best of them it was Victoria Stillwell. Fresh off the boat from New York, I met the Stockholm native at Fashion Week earlier this year and was blown away by her nifty skills with a camera and her infectious lust for life. Over the next week... ...READ MORE

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Happy Easter

 Hey everyone, just a quick note from Stockholm to wish everyone the happiest of Easters! May your bellies be full with chocolate Easter eggs (preferably of the Lindt variety) and may you be surrounded by those you love! I'm wearing shirt by & Other Stories (it's on sale at the moment if interested) and some awesome Wildfox sunglasses that you may have seen doing the rounds at Coachella last weekend... ...READ MORE

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The lazy girls guide to downtime dressing

You know those days that you can't necessarily be bothered? When you want to wear something comfortable, but still look effortlessly cool? Those bleary-eyed Sundays, (and yes, they are usually Sundays) are the days when a love of menswear really comes into its own. These are the Sundays when I most appreciate a slightly looser waistband and unrestrictive pant shape, a flat sole, and a cap to shade my puffy... ...READ MORE

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Alternative occasion wear: When its flats over fascinators

Guten Morgen readers! Today, I would like to introduce you to German fashion label Kilian Kerner. This isn't the first time I've gushed over the Cologne born designer, but its the first time I've featured a look from his diffusion line "Senses". If you sit in a similar age bracket to me, the likelihood is, that the summer months are beginning to fill up with weddings fast. The celebratory season can... ...READ MORE

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Pairing your Midi with your Menswear

This season is all about the midi length skirt. Girls of the world can rejoice - the thigh baring mini has been replaced with a more modest cut - hoorah! But truth be told the midi is a tricky length to master. If, like yours truly you are not gifted with height, the bisection of your shins can make you look a bit like a troll (an on-trend troll, but... ...READ MORE

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Blue is the warmest colour

 Since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore those matching double-denim ensembles, I've had mixed feelings about jean-on-jean. It's one of those trends that can go so horribly wrong, but when it looks good, it can look soooo good. Google "Double Denim" and there are endless how-to guides, instructing you on how to work varying shades of blue into one look, but here's the thing, this season it's not about making... ...READ MORE

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A spring look, before it snowed (again).

I cannot believe it. I leave Stockholm unattended for four days and come back to fresh snow on the ground and minus temperatures - what the hell happened to Spring!?! I expressed my horror at the meteorological conditions to a colleague, only to be told that it sometimes can snow here until June - I have no words. Anyway, luckily before the icy conditions arrived I managed to shoot today's... ...READ MORE

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Its Spring (sort of)

  If you follow me on social media you will have no doubt heard me rejoice the arrival of warmer weather in Stockholm. Yes I know you had 18 degrees in London, but even though the temperature barely scraped double digits here, I was out and about in a tee and sandals this weekend with the best of them.My first Spring look of the season features some of my key... ...READ MORE

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A circular motion

With all this talk of AW14, it's easy to forget that despite the rain and wind, we are in fact in SS14 at the moment. If, like me, you are besotted with suits, you will be more than excited by all the matchy-matchy two pieces that are arriving in store for this season. As you will know from my previous outfit posts, I tend to pair my sartorial arsenal with... ...READ MORE

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More of what I wore to #LFW

The lovely David Nyanzi shot me on my first day of Fashion Week as I dodged the rain and gale force winds - for God's sake English weather, could you not lay off for just one season!?! Regardless of the downpour it was a great day of shows and presentations hosted at the BFC show space, the Fashion Scout building and offsite locations scattered around London. I wore  a Topman... ...READ MORE

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French Connection for Fashion Week

The lovely folks over at French Connection invited me into be pampered and pruned for my second day of Fashion Week. They were kind enough to arrange my makeup and hair styling (which sadly was quickly dishevelled by the good old English weather!), and I got to try on a selection of their gorgeous SS14 collection, eventually opting for this beautiful pale pink suit and white shirt. I'm totally besotted... ...READ MORE

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Spring suit

   I am abandoning blacks and greys today in favour of Spring colours. It's five degrees (toasty up where I live) so I'm putting away my long johns (sexy I know) in favour of breezier fabrics and brighter colours. I'm wearing my & Other Stories suit and shirt - I am obsessed with this seasons emerald green, and my pink Russell & Bromley slippers. Keep up to date on Bloglovin | Follow... ...READ MORE

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