I have neglected my blog of late. Instead I’ve been focused on other areas of my life: I bought an apartment, got a full-time job – Hell, I basically grew up a bit! And, truth be told, I haven’t really missed blogging. Instead I’ve relished the new challenges that have come my way over the last eight months or so. But then something happened.

Totally out of the blue, I was flicking through Tommy Ton’s street style shots of the inaugural New York Men’s Fashion Week and I cried. Like full-on crocodile tears,  which is weird because I tend to reserve my tears for Oxfam commercials and power ballads. But I did. So here I am.

And today, I’m here to chat hair. The kind of hair that looks amazing with boys’ clothes:

1. The Samurai Bun

Ah, the ubiquitous man bun. Pair it with a beard and you’ve basically stolen my heart. Which is why I’m pretty darn excited about the women’s alternative, the Samurai bun. A messy half-up, half-down, top-knot type thing, it’s my go-to summer style. Simply pair with oversized shirting and you’ve got the look nailed.



2. Grey Matter

If you’re slathering on the anti-ageing moisturiser, dying your hair white or grey can seem counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, this autumn, grey hair is the ultimate cool-girl accessory. I’ve booked my hair appointment already, so watch this space.



3. Bountiful Braids

I tell you what, this is the dream. A plethora of tumbling plaits, intertwined to create a futuristic hairstyle that’s ultra-feminine but with just the right amount of rebel attitude too. As I can barely master a normal braid, let alone a fishtail or milk maid one, I will be frequenting some youtube tutorials to see if I can get the hand of this trend.



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