Pool slides have really only ever had one place, and that is by the pool. They are the ugly ducklings of summer footwear, favoured by tracksuit wearing teenage boys, certainly not the go-to footwear for the fashionable. But low, January’s Vogue declares otherwise. Look at these stunning pictures of model Freja Beha Erichsen in her native Denmark, she’s coupled her couture with NIKE pool slides and looks indisputably cool – and comfortable.

But pool slides are F.U.G.L.Y. They cost £20 from Sports Direct and they are anything but flattering. They’re up there with Crocs and UGGS in terms of offensiveness. But here’s the thing, I actually, *gulp*, think I kind of love them. From a purely practical point of view, they offer your feet great support and do wonders for your posture. No more in between the toe flip-flop induced blisters, or balancing on one leg as you negotiate finicky sandal straps, you literally just slide into these and you’re off. Slides (and who doesn’t love an actual slide, hey?) give a sporty, masculine, minimalist vibe to any outfit – they are ugly, but sometimes ugly works.

And get this, sock ‘n’ sliding is totally acceptable. Yep, no longer reserved for sunburnt holidaymakers alone, wearing white tennis socks with your slides is actually – dare I say it – cool. If you cast your mind back to last LCM, Liam Hodges SS14 collection featured his male models wearing this comfortable combo.Liam-Hodges_5

While we are on the subject of ugly, feel-good footwear, what about Birkenstocks hey? Aren’t they exclusively for tree-hugging hippy types? Well Phoebe Philo would beg to differ. Celine’s SS13 fur-lined numbers were the talk of the town, but let’s be honest, fur and chlorinated water do not a marriage make. Slides are the more practical choice if you are in fact stationing yourself near a pool. But look at Isabel Marrant, Chloe, Christoper Kane, Prada (need I go on?) they’re all on the Birken-bandwagon for SS14 too, and guess what? It’s also totally acceptable, if not encouraged, to wear them with socks as well.

So what say you, readers? Will you sock ‘n’ slide?


From left to right: Isabel Marrant, adidas, NIKE, See by Chloe















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