At the tender age of twenty-seven, the Olsen twins’ brand The Row feels wildly more mature than the design duos years. Known for clean lines, elegantly crafted basics and masculine inspired tailoring, The Row is a refined luxury brand for an understated dresser (with a generous budget). The Row is an exclusively womenswear label, but I believe of relevance to menswear enthusiasts as its aesthetic is rooted in the masculine – the name “The Row” draws inspiration from Savile Rowe, after all.THE ROW

For pre-fall 2014, the collection is inspired by gardening clothes – although the likelihood of me pruning my shrubs in these garments is highly unlikely. Garments are functional and roomy, with bloated trenches and capes, pinstripe suiting, modest skirts and slouchy trousers making up the collection. Fabrics are (of course) luxurious, with wool, cashmere, leather and poplin featuring in the signature muted tones of the brand – the Olsen twins don’t do bright and fussy colours.

And of course, the models. The youngest model featured is 39 years of age, more than a decade older than the designers themselves. Linda Rodin, Ursula Wallis, and Esther de Jong were in their modelling heyday back when the twins were still in Full House, but it works, because The Row is a brand suited to the older woman. The effortlessly elegant and understated pieces would look misplaced on a pre-pubescent, dewey model – this is the uniform for a a sophisticated lady, and for those of us who aspire to be.


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