Lizzie again, and Urban and Casual is the name of the game today. Day 2 at London Collections: Men’s has proven to be just as eclectic and inspiring as Day 1, with shows including KTZ, Huntergather, Duchamps, Kit Neale and John Smedley, to name but a few. Full disclosure; the clientele in attendance were as disparate of dress as the themes of the shows.

So, yes, I did see David Gandy again today; stop going on about it! I also saw Oliver Cheshire, but devastatingly handsome as they are, their tailored suits didn’t really work with today’s aesthetic. LOL JK I just got stage fright and couldn’t ask for a picture. Some photographer I am.

On a serious note, the looks featured in today’s slideshow show some of the most innovative takes on the ‘streetstyle’ genre I have ever seen. Stylists Charley Van Purpz and XyyX looked totally casual and utterly amazing in their fedoras and patterned dusters, with XyyX telling me that his specs were from Brick Lane – quote, ‘allow dat’. If Mr Flyy has off days, I’d like proof. He is never anything but on point, from what I can see.

The John Smedley static presentation displayed some super-comfy looking knitwear and jersey shorts, and the models made Birkenstocks ‘n’ socks look perfectly normal. Tell your dad right now that he’s really, really trendy. Belated Father’s Day present. Over at Duchamps, the tailoring was as sharp as a brand new Swiss Army knife, and the macaroons were very welcome. Check my Instagram for proof.

If nothing else, the shots from today show that menswear is anything but samey and boring. Tomorrow, LC:M pulls out the big guns – expect looks from outside Tom Ford, Burberry and Paul Smith. And I PROMISE, if I see David Gandy I’ll get a picture.

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