fc2fcIt is highly unusual for me to look pretty. Oh no, I’m not fishing for compliments or anything, it’s just that “pretty” and menswear don’t tend to go hand in hand. I prefer “sharp”, “sleek”, maybe even “dapper”, but pretty isn’t usually it. It’s funny then that I should find an unlikely lover in a very pretty maxi dress by French Connection.

I’ve spent summers smugly observing my female friends shuffle Geisha-like in their maxi dresses, whilst striding and cartwheeling in shorts. As the maxi trend rose in popularity, I preferred to have a constant view point of my kneecaps and toes, rather than conceal them under a burka like garment. But then when I least expected it I kind of wanted in on the action.

I got a bit envious of my floaty friends – they never needed to shave their legs, nor worry about pedicures and they were free to sit in the lotus position without offending anyone’s eyes. If an occasion for smuggling arose they were the most obvious candidates, not to mention the fact that when lavatories were sparse they could just crouch and do their business. So I decided to get one of my own. Readers meet Ms Marquee Jersey Dress, Ms Marquee meet my readers. She’s classic and understated, and looks awesome with my Birkenstocks…don’t worry I’m not throwing in the proverbial menswear towel yet, but it’s kind of fun to be pretty for a bit too – now watch me fit two beers in my shoes and get them through security!


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