julia x sophia 5My good friend Julia, from the blog Stylonylon, informed me the other day that she has never owned a white shirt – I know, crazy right? It’s hardly a secret that a white shirt is my style staple and I have an extensive collection that I treasure. So when she received this beautiful one from Dawson D Rose, we chatted through how she would style it for various occasions and concluded that we should team up for a white collar post, because quite frankly why sit on Skype chatting when you can just shoot and show, right?
Julia x Sophia 2 Julia x Sophia 3My white shirt is from French Connection, and I’ve worn it religiously since I got it for Fashion Week earlier this year. I’ve got a T M Lewin menswear waistcoat thrown on with it and my favourite oversized BDG Mom jeans, noosed with a vintage belt. However, I have to be honest, my favourite thing about my look is the accessories – my bag and my shoes.
My bag is from a brand call M. Hulot, a small London based label that embodies the quality and craftsmanship associated with a “made in Britain” ethos.  Their accessories are utilitarian and lo-fi, but still pack some serious punch. Colours are minimal but clever (note the contrast navy blue flap), and the leather is of top notch quality, sourced from Italy and Turkey, and crafted on home soil. Beautiful classic bags that contradict fast fashion, an M. Hulot bag is beautifully constructed with attention and care.

On the subject of wonderfully crafted European leathers, you need to check out my Lika Mimika espadrilles. You remember the other day I did a post about a Chanel pair? Well, these are your equally breathtaking solution for summer footwear, but at a tenth of the price. There is no shoe more appropriate for city living when it heats up outside. Beautifully crafted in southern Spain from organic leather, the brand are committed to ethical sourcing and production, with a strong green conscience – important if you too are lusting after their sumptuous calf leathers, or rabbit fur linings. The girls behind Lika Mimika have taken simple, classic models and updated them as sexy, current footwear with topical tones, intricate detailing and a distinctly southern European twist – me gustas a lot.

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