I am proud to live in a city that embraces PRIDE week like the Stockholmers do. All over town buses are donning rainbow coloured flags, fashion brands are supporting the event with bespoke collections, and even my local church is hosting a PRIDE event for families. Stockholm is one of the most accepting and equalitarian cities that I have ever lived in – #proud.

From today until Sunday I will be crashing some of the five day festivities, donning my drag and making merry with the likes of Conchita. So what does one wear to such events? Well I’m not really sure, but this girl will certainly be wearing her fair share of menswear!

The Underwear Party

Yes this is a thing. In fact apparently it’s been a thing for a while – go figure, I was only just getting my head around Traffic Light Parties. So the idea is that you rock up in nothing but your underwear, which would be fine if I didn’t live a fair distance from the hosting venue. There will be no flimsy lingerie on this girl, just boys boxers and a wife beater – in fact I plan on wearing my slippers too, that way if all else fails I can have comfy snooze! Hey, if Carrie Bradshaw could make her boyfriend’s pants look cool, GiM can give it a go too.underwear

The Parade

The jewel in the PRIDE crown is the parade on Saturday – it is ALWAYS the best bit. Some of my girlfriends (and boyfriends) will be attending in drag, but I am going to embrace the PRIDE spirit and wear head to toe rainbow – I’ve always wanted to look like My Little Pony and this is my chance. rainbow


The Reception

Ah yes the evening do. Now you and I both now the tuxedo is top of my list when it comes to black tie functions, but having exhausted my LBD replacement, I feel PRIDE is the perfect opportunity to wear a flamboyant twho piece option that still channels easy elegance. My inspiration? Emma Stone – no chick wears a suit quite like her.



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