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Blue is the warmest colour

 Since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore those matching double-denim ensembles, I've had mixed feelings about jean-on-jean. It's one of those trends that can go so horribly wrong, but when it looks good, it can look soooo good. Google "Double Denim" and there are endless how-to guides, instructing you on how to work varying shades of blue into one look, but here's the thing, this season it's not about making... ...READ MORE

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A spring look, before it snowed (again).

I cannot believe it. I leave Stockholm unattended for four days and come back to fresh snow on the ground and minus temperatures - what the hell happened to Spring!?! I expressed my horror at the meteorological conditions to a colleague, only to be told that it sometimes can snow here until June - I have no words. Anyway, luckily before the icy conditions arrived I managed to shoot today's... ...READ MORE

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