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Shoes for dancing.

Apologies for my absence online this last week, I have been taking a staycation in and around Stockholm, taking advantage of the double digit temperatures and long days of sunshine. This blog has been a bit heavy on the personal style element of late too, as my summer wardrobe becomes more robust and I acquire new pieces that I look forward to sharing with you. If you prefer to read... ...READ MORE

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Ah, the wise words of children's author Dr Seuss. Since discovering Horton's love of Whos and the Grinch's elevated appreciation of Christmas giving, I've had an unconditional love for the tales of the American cartoonist. I have long said that men get a much better choice when it comes to shirting. Yes, we girls get flower prints and stripes galore, but I challenge you to find anything in the womenswear... ...READ MORE

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A spring look, before it snowed (again).

I cannot believe it. I leave Stockholm unattended for four days and come back to fresh snow on the ground and minus temperatures - what the hell happened to Spring!?! I expressed my horror at the meteorological conditions to a colleague, only to be told that it sometimes can snow here until June - I have no words. Anyway, luckily before the icy conditions arrived I managed to shoot today's... ...READ MORE

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A Love Story from & Other Stories

Whilst parent brand H&M partner with the likes of Isabel Marant and Lanvin, & Other Stories' image is a far quirkier, less mainstream one. The Scandinavian high street label offers an incredible in store experience, hanging polaroid pictures from their rails and laying out jewellery in a minimalist fashion - its like a physical manifestation of your favourite fashion bloggers instagram account.   The brands campaigns are equally immersive. Back... ...READ MORE

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