VictoriaStillwell-GirlsinMensWear5Apologies for my absence online this last week, I have been taking a staycation in and around Stockholm, taking advantage of the double digit temperatures and long days of sunshine. This blog has been a bit heavy on the personal style element of late too, as my summer wardrobe becomes more robust and I acquire new pieces that I look forward to sharing with you. If you prefer to read my ramblings though, they will be returning soon, don’t you worry!

Todays post is all about shoooooooooes. Specifically, a pair of brogues by Oliver Sweeney, the shoe brand that crafts impeccable footwear for men, and a small selection of covetable models for women too (did you see the blue pair I was obsessed with earlier this year?).┬áSome shoes make me want to tap dance. They make me want to make like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire and shuffle-ball-change down the street as if I don’t have a care in the world, and these leather numbers are my tappety tourettes inducing shoes of the moment. Of course, shoes for dancing need equally dapper clothing. I’m wearing this gorgeous tuxedo jacket by Dutch fashion giants Maison Scotch, the ideal label for channeling masculine tailoring with a chic rock n roll vibe. I’m also sporting a neon striped shirt by Swedish/Australian denim brand NEUW (if you don’t know them yet, trust me you will soon) and some vintage (p)leather shorts.

Photos by Victoria Stillwell.


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