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Shoes for dancing.

Apologies for my absence online this last week, I have been taking a staycation in and around Stockholm, taking advantage of the double digit temperatures and long days of sunshine. This blog has been a bit heavy on the personal style element of late too, as my summer wardrobe becomes more robust and I acquire new pieces that I look forward to sharing with you. If you prefer to read... ...READ MORE

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Could I Culotte?

It would appear that cutting your calves into halves, is not reserved exclusively for skirts, but shorts too. Historically culottes come from the knee breaches worn by the gentlemen of the European upper class in the early-nineteenth century, and were later adopted by women so that they could straddle with the best of them when horse riding. Today, the wide-legged culotte reminds me of lazy days spent in the French... ...READ MORE

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Sea NY

Be still my heart, I am totally and utterly besotted with this duffle-coat-come-suit-jacket and matching shorts by Sea NY. A key look from the brand's Resort collection, its got a distinct boho feel to it, without shying away from the classic, New York vibe for which the brand is known. The duo behind Sea NY design all of their own prints, so there's always a unique feel to each of their pieces. The... ...READ MORE

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