SilkenHey there team, I’m back again and not budging for a while. After a wonderful week on the White Isle and another spent in the UK, I am now back to Stockholm where summer seems to have arrived and it’s as glorious as everyone promised.

Long days are spent strolling along the water front, taking boat rides out to the archipelago to sip rose at sunset and cycling around a near empty city. Although most Swedes have opted to take the whole of July off on holiday – yes that’a s thing here, they can, and they do – some of us still have to go to work and practice a normal 9am to 5pm routine – can I get an Aaaaaaaamen from the rest of the world!?

So what to wear to work when it’s hot and humid and your commute is even more hellish than usual? I always think that dressing for the office when it’s hot, hot, hot is hard, hard, hard! There are the “don’ts” of course – don’t wear flip flops, summer dresses or generally expose too much skin – but what of the “do’s”?

I say “do” wear a loose (breathable) shirt in lightweight fabrics and summer tones. You will be all too familiar with my current penchant for the colourful, intricate prints of  Silken Favours, and this shirt and shorts combination say “summer” without saying “holiday”. Perfect for those of us who work in a creative office space. “Do” cover up with a neutral Mac  – “don’t” wear it done up, flashers have ruined it for us all (selfish so and sos). “Do” keep it classy with leather brogues and monks and “do” accessorise with a slip case that is large enough for your sunnies as well as your laptop.

Oh, and DO have an awesome summer – yay!Silken


What I’m wearing: Silken Favours shirt and shorts, GANT by Michael Bastian Mac, GANT Rugger slip case, Russell & Bromley shoes

  • KC

    Another great blog post – particularly like the shoes!

    So I have a work attire related question –

    Where can a petite woman buy a fitted trousers suit on budget, please?

    I live and work in London and need to look sharp but I do not like wearing dresses and skirts. I need to pull off a professional look in time for my move to the new office in Jan. Christmas is looming so can’t be spending a fortune!

    Any help is greatly appreciated :)

    Kati e

    September 11th, 2014 16:53
    • girlinmenswear

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for your comment and great question! There are lot of brands offering office appropriate suiting that don’t break the bank. As you haven’t outlined your budget I’ll give you a few options.

      Reiss do great suits, but you’re going to pay a fair few pounds for one of their two-piece suits. I’m petite too and I really love the way their blazers fit, so if you can’t afford both the top and bottom, I would recommend investing in a nice black blazer from Reiss and then shopping some cheaper Zara/H&M trousers – make sure you take your blazer trouser shopping with you as mismatched co-ords can look unprofessional!

      If that’s a bit pricey. Pop along to Topshop. It’s a bit younger and fresher and good if you’re looking for something on the trendy side – you’re in luck because “tomboy” is on trend. Check out their Dogtooth Blazer and Cigarette Trousers (available online) that’s £116 for the whole look. It’s formal enough to wear with a simple white tee and brogues.

      Still a bit pricey? For just over £70 you can get a GORGEOUS bottle green suit from ASOS – they’re my favourite option for brighter colours and funner options!

      Good luck and let me know how you get on.

      Soph x

      September 12th, 2014 14:59

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