Autumn3I have a certain amount of respect for regular hat wearers. I truly believe it takes courage to leave the house in a hat – like it take balls to wear gem-encrusted lip art, tattoo your face and to commute aboard an adult scooter. Far too many times have I left the house with the most fantastic headwear on, only to take one step out the door and chicken out. I end up removing it from my head as soon as someone glances in the general direction of my head.

Considering that I frequently bowl around in bright coloured tailoring, it’s odd that a hat should reduce me to a self conscious mess, but hey, there you go – they always have. And yes, we’re not talking Philip Treacy numbers here, my hat phobia extends to beanies and caps too. I know. It’s ridiculous.

AUTUMNThis season, however, I’ve decided to face my fears – inspirational I know – and embrace hat wearing. I’ve decided to man up and wear one all season long. I’ve also decided to face my fear of heights and take up the trapeze, but that’s for another post…

Why the change of heart? Other than YOLO, I realised that when I stare at peoples heads it’s because I am admiring them. It’s pretty unusual for me to stare at a car crash outfit, I prefer to stare at the good stuff. So this is my vain attempt – quite literally – to be “the good stuff”.

That, and it’s Baltic at the moment.


So said fedora hat is from Brixton –  I fell for the autumnal green felt and leather band – and I bought it from this awesome store in Stockholm called Grandpa, so Swedish residents you can get it there (or here for that matter).  My fringed ankle boots, which I am totally and unabashedly obsessed with (they have their own shelf in my shoe cupboard, that’s how much I love them) are from Russell & Bromley – I swear this brand can do no wrong in my eyes. Autumn 4

This autumn themed coat, which camouflages me in any forest setting is from Zara, but it’s last season, so they don’t have anything similar in stock at the moment. Never fear though, I’ve had a shop around and here are some that are similar (sort of).

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  • stylonylon

    I’ve just bought my first proper hat, a fedora! And love wearing it – hat newbie but I do totally get it now :) need another to start a collection methinks :) xx

    October 20th, 2014 21:35
  • girlinmenswear

    Saw the pics of you wearing you hat on your blog – looks awesome!

    Sophia x

    October 21st, 2014 7:53
  • Sam

    No worries, the hat looks great. And those shoes are amazing!

    October 21st, 2014 16:11
    • girlinmenswear

      Thanks so much Sam – so glad you like them! I don’t plan to take these brogue-come-boots off all winter long! Sophia

      October 21st, 2014 16:35

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