Week 1

For many, keeping a blog is a bit like keeping a journal. We document what we did, where we went and who we saw. I am sure you are not interested in the ins and outs of my every day life, but if you are anything like me, you may just be interested in learning of a few hidden gems around Stockholm which I frequented this past week.

Often people tweet me for tips about what to do when visiting the Nordic capital – so here’s a tit bit or two, which I will put up regularly to advise you on where you should be spending these balmy days if you should so choose to venture North this summer.

1. View from Gondolen – The sunsets in Stockholm are hands down the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you wander up to Mosebacke torg on the island of Sodermalm, you can stroll across the Gondolen view point and take in the sun setting over the city. If you are feeling swank go for a cocktail at Gondolen bar, or better – grab a beer outside at Sodra Teatern (one of my fave Sodermalm spots).

2. Restaurant J – This statue entitled “God our Father on the Rainbow” by Carl Milles is one of my favourite in Stockholm and incidentally situated outside one of my top restaurants – Restaurant J. Hop on a ferry boat from either Slussen or Nybroplan and get off at Nacka strand – it will take you about 15mins. Arrive early at Restaurant J and recline on a sun facing deck chair whilst enjoying an aperatif before being seated outside on the water for a delicious dinner of seafood or some of the best meatballs I’ve had in the city.

3. Gröndal – Tricky to get to, but a favourite with the locals, Gröndal is situated on Liljeholmen island just south of Sodermalm. You can take the tram here or hope on a bicycle from Liljeholmen station. The water is clean and you can laze on a pontoon or the rocks until sunset. Pack a picnic, there aren’t any stores around.

4. Djurgården – This is a view of Djurgården from the ferry to Slussen – instead of taking buses and the T bana (subway/underground/metro to you and me), you should check out the ferry timetables and try to make your way around by boat – the city is exceptional from the sea.

5. Me with crimped hair – Also a sight worth seeing in Stockholm.

6. Vintervikens Trädgård- This cafe is also located on Liljeholmen island, a stone’s throw away from the water and in easy access of canoe renting facilities if you should want to get sporty on your trip. This is one of my favourite cafe’s to chill out in the capital. Grab a coffee and sit under the roses or amongst the vegetable patches in this garden cafe come nursery. 


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