knitsOn those languid Sundays, designed for feasting on brunch, overdosing on caffeine and strolling through quaint boutiques, do you ever find yourself encouraging your partner to make ill advised purchases?

By that I mean, to spend his hard earned cash on oversized sweaters in earthy tones – because let’s be honest khaki’s your colour (not his). Or to invest in super skinny pleather pants that make him feel self-conscious, but look effortlessly oversized on your pins. Or hats? Everyone needs hats – and wouldn’t it be fun to share a hat – or two – this season? It’s kinda like “buy one get one free” except it’s more like “he buys one and then there’s two for me”.

Do you do it too?

C’mon admit it, I’m not the only selfish so-and-so in this room am I?

If you follow any stylish blogger or flick through the style pages of your favourite mags, you’ll know that the chunky roll neck is on trend. We’re talking voluminous, shapeless silhouettes and drowning necklines. The kind of sweater that almost suffocates you in fabric – but of course this is fashion, so it looks ultra chic too. Well, it’s a trend that’s extending to menswear as well I’ll have you know. Yes, all these chunky knits are unisex. And unisex means you can share it, and by share I mean wear it religiously until there are boob dents embedded in it, so your other half will refuse to go near it – cue evil cackle.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a big chunky knit for him and her – but mostly for her – then here’s my edit. Go on, he won’t mind.

unisex knits


1. ACNE Studios Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater, 2. REISS Shore Houndstooth Roll neck, 3. Sheep of Steel Colour Pop Cuff Unisex Jumper, 4. WEEKDAY Stella Knit Sweater, 5. HOPE Philly Sweater, 6. FOLK Striped Knitted Wool Roll neck.

  • stylonylon

    Gorgeous picks, am all about getting cosy with beautiful chunky knits right now xx

    October 16th, 2014 19:25

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