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Fashion Sunday

Women in business. It’s a hot, hot topic at the moment, and rightly so – thanks to the Emma Watsons, Caitlin Morans and Lena Dunhams of our generation, the issue of the female gender in the workplace has become a headline issue. Particularly women and entrepreneurship; women reportedly make up less than a third of those in self employment (link), but this recent article on suggests that companies spearheaded... ...READ MORE

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Only happy when it rains?

Eurgh. I hate the rain. You can keep your romantic notions of tip-tapping raindrops on roofs, thank you very much. I would much rather long, languid summer days or snow. Yep, if it's going to be bitterly cold, I say give me the good stuff. Unfortunately though, October and November invite gail force winds and downpours - the kind an umbrella can't stand up to. So before investing in my... ...READ MORE

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I have a certain amount of respect for regular hat wearers. I truly believe it takes courage to leave the house in a hat - like it take balls to wear gem-encrusted lip art, tattoo your face and to commute aboard an adult scooter. Far too many times have I left the house with the most fantastic headwear on, only to take one step out the door and chicken out.... ...READ MORE

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Woohoo it’s WANG!

Tomboys of the world rejoice - or those of you that have a penchant for pleather, roomy sportswear and beanies, you should rejoice too! It's here! It's here! Alexander Wang has unveiled his collaboration with high street retail giant H&M. This is American sportswear, but not as we know it. Think black, angular and contemporary - that signature Wang aesthetic but loosened up for a younger demographic. If you've spent... ...READ MORE

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Chunky knits for him n her…but mostly her

On those languid Sundays, designed for feasting on brunch, overdosing on caffeine and strolling through quaint boutiques, do you ever find yourself encouraging your partner to make ill advised purchases? By that I mean, to spend his hard earned cash on oversized sweaters in earthy tones - because let's be honest khaki's your colour (not his). Or to invest in super skinny pleather pants that make him feel self-conscious, but... ...READ MORE

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What would your boss say?

Is it a tad presumptuous to rock up at a freelance writing job wearing a sweater that says "Editor in Chief"? Er, probably. It's not the subtlest of messages to your actual Editor in Chief is it? I suppose as a general rule of thumb, going into work with your bosses job title written across your chest is a bit of a faux pas. I would like you all to... ...READ MORE

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I am a marketers dream. No seriously. I can look at a shoe, and hey it's just a shoe. But then I hear a story of craftsmanship, of sustainability, a rich heritage of design fuelled by passion, and before I know it I've spunked my salary on a new pair of flats! Roll up, roll up, sales folk I'm your ticket to easy commission! That's kind of how I got... ...READ MORE

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The Coolest Cats to Copy Now

My "best dress list" includes all the usual suspects; Clemence Poesy, the Olsens, Alexa Chung, Charlotte Gainsbourg...I know, I know it's all a tad cliche, but there you have it. I could eat up their style all day along. But for Fall, I've decided to broaden my fashionable horizons and look elsewhere for some inspiration. So here's the skinny on the girls I'll be emulating this season.   I have... ...READ MORE

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Can’t Talk Eating

I know it's Baltic outside,  but I got a slight tan in Morocco and I'll be damned if I don't get to show it off a little! So here I am, in today's look - a mixture of Fall favourites, unisex pieces and menswear inspired garbs - Oh, and Homer Simpson, but we'll get to that. There's a trend that'e been brewing in fashion for a while now - Moschino... ...READ MORE

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Top of the Socks

I have a confession to make; My last post featured very little menswear. Hell, I wore two skirts and a tiara - it couldn't have been further from dickie bows and whistles and flutes. Rightly so, someone called me up on my lack of menswear via instagram, which made me step back and reflect on the essence of Girl in Menswear. Yes, it's "not just for girls, and not just about menswear", but... ...READ MORE

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Gemma Boner of WHISTLES Menswear

There are some people that you meet and instantly warm to - Gemma Boner is one of these people. The PR Manager at Whistles Menswear is the lady responsible for ensuring that the brand's inaugural menswear collection receives fanfare in keeping with its impeccable design - so far so good, if you're anything like me, you've been gorging sneak peaks of the collection since Spring. And what a collection it's... ...READ MORE

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The Scrunch Bunch

My 9year old self idolized Kelly Kapowski's style. She was pure, squeaky clean perfection. I would love to cite Madonna's look in Desperately Seeking Susan as further inspiration, but sadly the film was marked PG-13, and to my horror my parents abided by the MPAA guidelines. Inspired by Kelly's voluminous locks, I would badger my mother into braiding my hair into teeny tiny plaits before bed so I too could... ...READ MORE

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Give a little Whistle

With the meteoric rise in popularity of mens fashion, it would seem all our favourite womenswear labels are keen to get in on the action. Whistles, of course is one of them. OR A 35year old label, that since the appointment of Jane Sheperdson as CEO in 2008, has become the exemplary of high-end, high street women’s wear - always with a tailored (or whistled if you will) edge. This month,... ...READ MORE

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Tee off

Hey there fellow Europeans, how y'all doing? I'm going to assume you are currently sporting a Cheshire Cat style grin of epic proportion because the sun has got his most stylish hat on, which means Summer (yes Summer) has FINALLY arrived. Put a shrimp on the barbie and slap on some sunscreen, because for the next few weeks BBC weather predicts consistent toasty temperatures- hooray! As I expel my knitwear... ...READ MORE

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So you bought a fixie bike…

I have purchased my fair share of irresponsible items, but a fixie bike with no breaks and a wonky seat takes the biscuit. My rather rusty, baby blue vintage bicycle and I have a tempestuous relationship at best. On a good day, she is my most prized possession, transporting me around Stockholm's sea front in unparalleled fashion. On a bad day, she propels me into my fellow cyclists at every... ...READ MORE

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PAPER Planes

I wrote a post a few months back questioning whether or not my (let's call it) petite frame could handle the cut of the culotte, and was delighted when the lovely lasses over at PAPER London offered to help me out with a pair to experiment with. If you haven't heard of Kelly Townsend and Phillipa Thakeray's London label, than you can thank me later for this particular introduction. PAPER... ...READ MORE

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Your five a day.

There has been much talk of late about whether eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day is enough. Those of you who aren't English may not be familiar with the UK's governmental guidelines regarding how much roughage we should all be eating on a daily basis. When I was based in Britain, five portions were enough to keep you fit and healthy, but now there's talk of ten being... ...READ MORE

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Short ‘n Suit

When my phone is on shuffle it can deliver some rather embarrassing results (namely in the realms of Miley Cyrus ballads circa 2013), but today whilst I was making breakfast it graced me with Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" - if I could whistle you a section (slightly out of tune) I would, just in case you're confusing it with Will Smith or Ella Fitzgerald's summer themed hits. It can... ...READ MORE

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Peak Beard

Isn't this the most beautiful manspiration? This porcelain faced, well-dressed gent immersed in a vibrant and exotic location has me wanting to a) book a holiday to SE Asia b) buy an ivory coloured suit and sling some marigolds around my neck. I stumbled across these images whilst imbibing my usual morning bout of menswear literature. Today, I was looking for some shots of clean shaven faces rather than my... ...READ MORE

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Drop it like its hot.

I am a wee bit obsessed with drop-crotch pants. The spacious trouser shape should be so wrong, and yet looking like you've pooped your pants has never looked so right. For ages, the crotch-camp has been owned by the Ninja Warriors of the East. You know the ones, Japanese by origin and swathed in layer upon layer of Comme des Garcons fabrics and armed with yet to be released Samsung... ...READ MORE

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Australia Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

[caption id="attachment_4380" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Finale at Toni Maticevski: Australia Fashion Week 2014[/caption] I am going to fess up now. I know very, very little about Australian Fashion. In fact, when I was Down Under I'm pretty sure I lived in a uniform of We are Handsome cossies and micro-denim shorts, paying little attention to what else was available for those more fashion forward than I. But of course Ozzies are... ...READ MORE

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Surf’s up!

If you fancy yourself a bit of a surfer chick (or religiously gorge on fashion media like yours truly), you will have heard that on April 1st Quicksilver and Kelly Slater announced that they will be ending their twenty year partnership. The professional surfer will now be working with The Kering Group, the financial giants who own the likes of luxury brands Gucci and Balenciaga, and sports brands such as... ...READ MORE

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Pairing your Midi with your Menswear

This season is all about the midi length skirt. Girls of the world can rejoice - the thigh baring mini has been replaced with a more modest cut - hoorah! But truth be told the midi is a tricky length to master. If, like yours truly you are not gifted with height, the bisection of your shins can make you look a bit like a troll (an on-trend troll, but... ...READ MORE

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White is the new black

Hey everyone, so I'm back from a long weekend in the Arctic - yes, you heard me right, the ARCTIC. I will have a post with you shortly about how I braved -23*C and what I got up to in the hometown of Santa, but until I've curated my photographs, I wanted to share this picture by Bryan Huynh for ODDA magazine - isn't it breathtaking? In my last post... ...READ MORE

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Inspiration: White on white

Ah...the white on white, on more white trend. Its a look that I normally reserve until late into the summer months, when my skin is bronzed and my hair has dried out from days spent in the surf. Wearing head to toe white can be a bit daunting after months deprived of Vitamin D, but fashion dictates that mid-March is the time to adopt the look, so adopt we should!... ...READ MORE

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Happy Birthday to me, and the Air Max 1

Next week it's my birthday (hooray!), but marginally more important, it's also the 27 year anniversary of the NIKE Air Max 1 sneaker. With the sportswear movement in full swing, the sneaker brand has never been more fashionable, but of course the Air Max is more than just a trainer-trend, it's also an incredibly innovative running shoe. The concept of "air" was imagined by aerospace engineer Frank Rudy, who during a... ...READ MORE

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Milan, Verona and Venice: 3 cities, 3 days, 3 kilos.

I am forever left awed by Italy. I can't think of anywhere else in the world that offers up history, art, culture, gastronomy and natural wonders in the same abundance. Couple that with beautiful weather and wonderful people, and you truly have the most dolce of vitas. I actually spent several of my teenage years based in Rome, but despite my geographical stationing, until last week I had never ventured... ...READ MORE

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A spring look, before it snowed (again).

I cannot believe it. I leave Stockholm unattended for four days and come back to fresh snow on the ground and minus temperatures - what the hell happened to Spring!?! I expressed my horror at the meteorological conditions to a colleague, only to be told that it sometimes can snow here until June - I have no words. Anyway, luckily before the icy conditions arrived I managed to shoot today's... ...READ MORE

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Its Spring (sort of)

  If you follow me on social media you will have no doubt heard me rejoice the arrival of warmer weather in Stockholm. Yes I know you had 18 degrees in London, but even though the temperature barely scraped double digits here, I was out and about in a tee and sandals this weekend with the best of them.My first Spring look of the season features some of my key... ...READ MORE

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How to wear braces like a boy.

Dressing like a dapper gent requires a fantastic eye for accessories. Coordinating socks, brightly coloured pocket squares, specially knotted bow ties, and intricately detailed boutonnieres are all the order of the day when styling yourself sartorial. However, one accessory I have neglected to experiment with to date is the brace. I think it has something to do with having breasts. Do you sit your braces on them, like two cushioned... ...READ MORE

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Red Carpet dressing Girl in Menswear style

Whether you stayed up late last Sunday to watch the Oscars, or caught up with all the red carpet news the next day, you will have been inundated with images of all our favourite female celebrities wearing breathtaking evening gowns by the hottest design talent. As beautiful as the couture was, another trend cropped up at the awards that caught this Girl in Menswear's eye, and that was the white... ...READ MORE

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Board Games

"Calling all free-stylers, free spirits and fashion lovers" opens the press release of Selfridges' most recent initiative (erm tick, tick, tick!). For SS14 the luxury department store is celebrating fashions current craze for skate and surf culture. The flagship Oxford Street store is to be transformed into a boarding haven throughout March and April, with dedicated window displays, a Concept store (entitled the Board Room) and even a Skate Park... ...READ MORE

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Ghesquière’s debut show for Louis Vuitton #PFW

Say what you like about Hedi Slimane's appointment at Saint Laurent, but the brand has been reinvigortaed with relevance and is flying high on the repercussions of the Creative Director's arrival. Today something similar happened at Louis Vuitton, as Nicolas Ghesquière debuted his first collection for the fashion house. Ghesquière replaces the acclaimed Marc Jacobs bringing with him a wealth of experience acquired from 15 years at Balenciaga, but unlike Slimane, Ghesquière's... ...READ MORE

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Once Upon a Time…

Ok, ok, I know Dolce & Gabbana are the antithesis of Girl in Menswear dressing, theirs are the ostentatious show-stopping pieces for the most womanly of women, but even this girl (with her love of sartorial styling) cannot resist featuring their whimsical AW14 collection. Dolce & Gabbana create collections overspilling with beauty and excess, so it seems only natural that AW14 should be themed around the fantastical world of the... ...READ MORE

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London Fashion Week: It’s showtime!

Here's a little secret for you. Most fashion bloggers have jobs or are studying too, it's quite unusual for a blogger to be able to take five days out of their schedule to attend shows and presentations, unless they work in publishing/fashion/are freelance, and consequently get to double up for their day jobs. In my case, I work for a Scandinavian brand that was presenting in a showroom during London... ...READ MORE

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Erin Wasson for FRAME

Just when you thought Karlie Kloss was the cherry on the achingly cool FRAME cake, they go and get tomboy hero Erin Wasson as the face of their SS14 campaign. If ACNE and Cheap Monday have taught us one thing, it's that the Swedes know how to do denim. Founded in 2012 by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, the duo is best known for giving us the fashion marketing giant The Saturday Group, and... ...READ MORE

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The London Fashion Week newbies

I wrote  a few posts in the run up to London Fashion Week about the new (debatably more commercial) arrivals to the catwalk this season. Unlike New York, London has limited the high street attendance to Topshop Unique, preferring to showcase contemporary and premium brands during their catwalk calendar. However, Hunter, Joseph and Whistles all pulled in a crowd for their LFW debuts and here's how it went down. Hunter... ...READ MORE

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Leading fashion up the garden path

In light of the Fashion and Gardens exhibition that opened its doors on the 7th of February at the Garden Museum, London, and the first spotting of a snowbell here in Stockholm (without much snow at all really this winter), I give you my roundup of the best flowery pieces arriving in store for this Spring/Summer. From let to right: Zara men's poplin shirt with embroidery, Christopher Kane printed cotton... ...READ MORE

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Louis Vuitton’s Foulard d’artistes

I seem to be writing a lot about scarves of late, sharing pictures of the Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen capsule collection and the Liberty x Kenzo collaboration too. The following neckwear partnership is from Louis Vuitton, who has partnered with three artists to create a limited edition collection. The artists selected are André Saraiva, Kenny Scharf and INTI. Which one is your favourite? [caption id="attachment_3160" align="alignnone" width="750"] INTI X Louis... ...READ MORE

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Today I’m inspired by…

...double denim by J.Crew and their partnership with sneaker brand New Balance. The 620 is a classic men's style from New Balance (est. 1906), sized down just for the ladies. I love everything about this look. Keep up to date on Bloglovin | Follow me on Instagram | Like me on Facebook  ...READ MORE

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