look3Dressing like a dapper gent requires a fantastic eye for accessories. Coordinating socks, brightly coloured pocket squares, specially knotted bow ties, and intricately detailed boutonnieres are all the order of the day when styling yourself sartorial. However, one accessory I have neglected to experiment with to date is the brace.

I think it has something to do with having breasts. Do you sit your braces on them, like two cushioned tracks running down your torso? Or do you stretch them to either side of your female assets so that they sit like two parenthesis cupping your boobs as if they were an over-complicated algebra equation? Frankly the whole thing baffles me.

Ladies send me your tips (boys, you may of course too). I want my stretchy accessory to look as good as these shots by Sanna Helena Berger. The beautiful clothing is by new talent Shinya Kozuka.look2look1

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