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Future Heirlooms

My most prized possessions are not those that I've bought for myself, but the keepsakes that have been chosen for me. Gilded mementos given to me to carry on a tradition in my family. Of course, the nature of an heirloom is that it comes with responsibility - after all, you don't want to be the one who fails to pass on this rather precious parcel. Like golden catalysts for... ...READ MORE

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Fashion Sunday

Women in business. It’s a hot, hot topic at the moment, and rightly so – thanks to the Emma Watsons, Caitlin Morans and Lena Dunhams of our generation, the issue of the female gender in the workplace has become a headline issue. Particularly women and entrepreneurship; women reportedly make up less than a third of those in self employment (link), but this recent article on suggests that companies spearheaded... ...READ MORE

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When Fall, falls too quickly.

Holy Mother of Missoni, what the hell happened to the weather? Ok, I know meteorology chat is rather dull but seriously, one minute I was cycling around Stockholm in little more than my denim cut-offs and now I'm cocooning myself in swathes of fabric like the little matchstick girl, and Hell I didn't even get to wear half of my Topman short-sleeved summer shirts yet! Is this really it? Are... ...READ MORE

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Top of the Socks

I have a confession to make; My last post featured very little menswear. Hell, I wore two skirts and a tiara - it couldn't have been further from dickie bows and whistles and flutes. Rightly so, someone called me up on my lack of menswear via instagram, which made me step back and reflect on the essence of Girl in Menswear. Yes, it's "not just for girls, and not just about menswear", but... ...READ MORE

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Gemma Boner of WHISTLES Menswear

There are some people that you meet and instantly warm to - Gemma Boner is one of these people. The PR Manager at Whistles Menswear is the lady responsible for ensuring that the brand's inaugural menswear collection receives fanfare in keeping with its impeccable design - so far so good, if you're anything like me, you've been gorging sneak peaks of the collection since Spring. And what a collection it's... ...READ MORE

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Jonathan Saunders SS15 and Resort

A quiet romanticism descended upon the warehouse space above The Old Sorting Office where earlier during Day 1 of London Collections: Men we heard pulsating music for the likes of Topman Design. Jonathan Saunders needs no fanfare, his golden touch is applied with a subtlety that best suits an intimate presentation setting where attendees can admire his attention to detail and intricate graphic prints. Saunders showcased his SS15 menswear collection... ...READ MORE

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Christopher Shannon wins the BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund

British menswear is the current talk of the town, with London Collections Men kickstarting this weekend. The UK menswear market has grown by 12% in the last five years and continues to rise at an astonishing rate. Traditionally British womenswear brands are capitalizing on this growth by expanding into the men's market, with the likes of Whistles and Joseph launching robust men's collections this season. London is intent on being... ...READ MORE

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Give a little Whistle

With the meteoric rise in popularity of mens fashion, it would seem all our favourite womenswear labels are keen to get in on the action. Whistles, of course is one of them. OR A 35year old label, that since the appointment of Jane Sheperdson as CEO in 2008, has become the exemplary of high-end, high street women’s wear - always with a tailored (or whistled if you will) edge. This month,... ...READ MORE

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Oh darling, let’s be adventurers

Fashion is all very well and good,  but if you can't actually do stuff in it, then it's pretty redundant if you ask me. Gawd, that's not a very "fashion blogger-esque" thing to say is it? But it's true. I love to flounce around with the best of them, but if honest on the weekend nothing floats my proverbial boat more than clambering into some comfortable clothing and setting off... ...READ MORE

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Your five a day.

There has been much talk of late about whether eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day is enough. Those of you who aren't English may not be familiar with the UK's governmental guidelines regarding how much roughage we should all be eating on a daily basis. When I was based in Britain, five portions were enough to keep you fit and healthy, but now there's talk of ten being... ...READ MORE

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Peak Beard

Isn't this the most beautiful manspiration? This porcelain faced, well-dressed gent immersed in a vibrant and exotic location has me wanting to a) book a holiday to SE Asia b) buy an ivory coloured suit and sling some marigolds around my neck. I stumbled across these images whilst imbibing my usual morning bout of menswear literature. Today, I was looking for some shots of clean shaven faces rather than my... ...READ MORE

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The lazy girls guide to downtime dressing

You know those days that you can't necessarily be bothered? When you want to wear something comfortable, but still look effortlessly cool? Those bleary-eyed Sundays, (and yes, they are usually Sundays) are the days when a love of menswear really comes into its own. These are the Sundays when I most appreciate a slightly looser waistband and unrestrictive pant shape, a flat sole, and a cap to shade my puffy... ...READ MORE

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Filippa Hallstensson aka Fifi of GANT Rugger

[caption id="attachment_4353" align="aligncenter" width="317"] Fifi is Head of Design at GANT Rugger[/caption] A few days ago GANT Rugger announced the launch of their debut womenswear line. Yes us girls can abandon scouring the aisles for XS menswear sweaters, and shop the Americana aesthetic in our own size from July - hooray! The lady ensuring that the womenswear line oozes as much cool as its menswear counterpart is Head Designer Filippa Hallstensson, aka... ...READ MORE

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GANT Rugger announces Womenswear launch

It is no secret that I am a big fan of menswear label GANT Rugger. The hip, younger brother to GANT combines American sportswear, East Coast prep, and Scandi cool to create a wardrobe that never fails to impress. Real (cool) people are at the heart of this brand, referencing fine food and even finer living as much of their inspiration for collections. I've been buying their XS sweaters and... ...READ MORE

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Ah, the wise words of children's author Dr Seuss. Since discovering Horton's love of Whos and the Grinch's elevated appreciation of Christmas giving, I've had an unconditional love for the tales of the American cartoonist. I have long said that men get a much better choice when it comes to shirting. Yes, we girls get flower prints and stripes galore, but I challenge you to find anything in the womenswear... ...READ MORE

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Pairing your Midi with your Menswear

This season is all about the midi length skirt. Girls of the world can rejoice - the thigh baring mini has been replaced with a more modest cut - hoorah! But truth be told the midi is a tricky length to master. If, like yours truly you are not gifted with height, the bisection of your shins can make you look a bit like a troll (an on-trend troll, but... ...READ MORE

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White is the new black

Hey everyone, so I'm back from a long weekend in the Arctic - yes, you heard me right, the ARCTIC. I will have a post with you shortly about how I braved -23*C and what I got up to in the hometown of Santa, but until I've curated my photographs, I wanted to share this picture by Bryan Huynh for ODDA magazine - isn't it breathtaking? In my last post... ...READ MORE

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How to wear braces like a boy.

Dressing like a dapper gent requires a fantastic eye for accessories. Coordinating socks, brightly coloured pocket squares, specially knotted bow ties, and intricately detailed boutonnieres are all the order of the day when styling yourself sartorial. However, one accessory I have neglected to experiment with to date is the brace. I think it has something to do with having breasts. Do you sit your braces on them, like two cushioned... ...READ MORE

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Red Carpet dressing Girl in Menswear style

Whether you stayed up late last Sunday to watch the Oscars, or caught up with all the red carpet news the next day, you will have been inundated with images of all our favourite female celebrities wearing breathtaking evening gowns by the hottest design talent. As beautiful as the couture was, another trend cropped up at the awards that caught this Girl in Menswear's eye, and that was the white... ...READ MORE

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Sara Weston of Eastie Empire

I stumbled across Eastie Empire, when a friend of mine sent me an image of an impeccably dressed lady with the lines "You will love this". She was right, love I did. Said photograph was of Eastie Empire founder Sara Weston wearing pieces from the brands recently launched womenswear collection. Originally a menswear brand specialising in tailoring, Eastie Empire expanded into womenswear as a result of a female clientele buying from... ...READ MORE

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Oliver Spencer: Boys clothes for girls.

AW13 saw everyman label Oliver Spencer expand into the realms of women's fashion. To be honest "fashion" doesn't really sum-up what Oliver Spencer is all about. Like fellow-British brands Albam and YMC, Oliver Spencer rejects passing fads and trends in favour of quality fabrics in wearable cuts. As a consequence, he has fast become the go-to label for the modern man (and now woman too) who seeks easy to wear clothing... ...READ MORE

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Which British Fashion Couple are you?

There's something very special about viewing a designer's menswear collection, and then soon after seeing what they have up their sleeves for the ladies. London Collections Men has given a fantastic platform for menswear, but as London Fashion Week draws to a close I find myself wishing I could see both the men and women take to the catwalk together (just once) for a complete look at the designer's visions. At... ...READ MORE

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MSGM: Contemporary Italian fashion

Born in 2009, MSGM is the hottest contemporary brand to come out of Milan - think hip, youthful, full of colour, texture, stripes and prints. The brand has had a good year, it showed at Milan Fashion Week for the first time, opened its first store in their native fashion capital and have just been bought in by net-a-porter (they were already stocked at mytheresa, yoox and luisaviaroma) . Founder, Rimini-born Giorgetti,... ...READ MORE

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Leading fashion up the garden path

In light of the Fashion and Gardens exhibition that opened its doors on the 7th of February at the Garden Museum, London, and the first spotting of a snowbell here in Stockholm (without much snow at all really this winter), I give you my roundup of the best flowery pieces arriving in store for this Spring/Summer. From let to right: Zara men's poplin shirt with embroidery, Christopher Kane printed cotton... ...READ MORE

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This must be…POP!

From the menswear aisles I've got my eye on this bomber jacket from Original Penguin's new capsule line inspired by Warhol's Pop Art movement. It's a fun, young take on this seasons sportswear trend and I'm loving the pastel mint paired with the navy. The bomber costs £80 and you can get it here. Keep up to date on Bloglovin | Follow me on Instagram | Like me on Facebook  ...READ MORE

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Your need to know SS14 fashion collaborations (mens and womens)

[slideshow_deploy id='3359'] Keep up to date on Bloglovin | Follow me on Instagram | Like me on Facebook  ...READ MORE

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Copenhagen Fashion Week AW14 Highlights

As I am now a Stockholm resident, it only seemed right that I did a post on each show I made it to during their Fashion Week. I actually had to cut my Stockholm Fashion Week diary short by a day as neighbouring Copenhagen Fashion Week overlapped with it. In between work, I managed to get to a few of the shows in my free time. Here is my roundup... ...READ MORE

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Boys are beautiful too.

All too often I share beautiful imagery of girls rocking a menswear themed look and neglect to share my inspiration from mens editorial with you too. Well here is one of the most ethereal and tender photographs of model Sam Thompson, photographed by Jose Morraja for Neo2 magazine. Keep up to date on Bloglovin | Follow me on Instagram | Like me on Facebook  ...READ MORE

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Top 10 Edit of XS – XXS Menswear

I need to reinvigorate my wardrobe with some menswear, so I've spent a good amount of time today creating a wish list of items from the mens aisles that are available in XS, XXS and even XXXS (although I'm not quite that little). Today's top ten pieces are all under £150 (1600 SEK) and are new to the high street for the Spring. [slideshow_deploy id='3278'] Keep up to date on Bloglovin |... ...READ MORE

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Michael Kors Menswear AW14

Not so long ago I wrote a post about Michael Kors' pre-fall collection for women, lusting over the masculine tailoring, bloated silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. It seems appropriate then that I should share with you their AW14 menswear line, which is equally refined.Michael Kors creates clothes that look and feel luxurious, but are easy-to-wear, understated and, above all, comfortable. Like British designer Nicole Farhi, there is no room for fussy... ...READ MORE

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A new dawn for Joseph

[caption id="attachment_2978" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Joseph: SS14[/caption] Have you heard the news? I'm a few weeks late to the party to be honest, but there are a few very exciting changes occurring over at Joseph. In womenswear, the latest is that the brand will be showing at London Fashion Week next month. Topshop Unique is now a firm favourite on the calendar, and Whistles too has joined the fashion foray, so... ...READ MORE

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