Meet Lucie; professional fashion photographer, global adventurer, cat lover, menswear enthusiast and generally awesome lady!

Girl in Menswear was lucky enough to grab some time with this Miami based sweetheart to get her tips on building a career in fashion photography, the current photographers we shouldn’t be missing, and the menswear brands we should be keeping our beady, boyish eyes out for. This well-dressed lady oozes swagger and is charming through-and-through, and as you can see from these pictures, she styles a mean sartorial outfit.


Please introduce yourself. My name is Lucie Hugary, I’m a fashion photographer, I’ve lived in Miami for 5 years. Before that, I was living in Paris for 4 years. I am originally from Albi in the south west on France.

Where can we find you? Website:, Facebook:, Instagram: _rayhug_, Twitter:

Can you sum up your style for us? Easy and comfortable, tom-boyish.

Where do you source your style inspiration from? I think I get inspired mostly from my male friends who work in fashion.

What’s the origins of your love for sartorial/tomboy dressing? I’ve always been somewhat of a tomboy, as a teenager all of my friends were skateboarders, I was taking breakdancing classes, riding a scooter etc. I tried being girly in my early twenties but it didn’t last too long!

What’s your favourite menswear brand or designer? I love Comme Des Garcons, I went to Japan recently and I was so overwhelmed at the CDG store!I also love Prada of course, Dries Van Noten, Christophe Lemaire, but I can’t exactly afford them.

How did you get into photography and what would your top tips be for those aspiring to do the same? I was involved in the photography and darkroom workshop in my high school. I went to school for photography after that, and went on to interning at different studios in Paris, then assisting.

I would say to aspiring photographers to shoot as much as they can, find their voice, that’s very important, and keep learning always. I believe that assisting is also very important (at least for fashion photography  it is) not only for the technical  aspects, but also very much so for understanding how a photoshoot and the creative process work, all the people involved, the communication between them, learning the etiquettes, witnessing the magic happen (or not!).


Professionally you photograph fashion editorial, what do you enjoy snapping when you are off duty? I don’t really shoot outside of work, even when I travel, I just prefer to enjoy and not worry about taking pictures. I’ll use my iphone or a small  camera to snap a few things but that’s it. Other than that I usually take pictures of every cat I encounter :)

With apps like Instagram, it can seem like everyone is capable of producing a beautiful photograph – is this enhancing or damaging to your craft? Instagram is a toy for people to play with, certainly nothing that can compare to what we do at a professional level. The only issue we encounter now is some clients are asking for an “instagram feel” from times to times, which is really annoying.

And what about the rise of Street Style? Can a street-snap compare to a curated editorial shoot? They are two complete different things, I don’t think we can even compare them.

Who are your favourite photographers ? One of my favourite fashion photographers at the moment is Venetia Scott, who actually was a stylist at first, I also love Alasdair McLellan, Tim Barber, Chadwick Tyler. My favorite non-fashion photographers are Ryan McGinley and Gregory Crewdson. I recently purchased a book of birds photographs by Luke Stephenson that is absolutely amazing.

You are from France but live in Miami – what took you there and what keeps you put? I met my husband in Miami while I was on an assisting job and moved there a couple years later. Somehow I find my balance living here, it’s a beautiful quality of life. I travel quite a bit which makes me appreciate Miami when I get back.

Can you share some of Miami’s hidden treasures with us? My favourite restaurants are Izakaya in Coral Gables (Japanese) and Gabose in Lauderhill (Korean). I don’t really go to bars that much but Woods Tavern is a really cool one. Some of the best shops here are The Webster and The Alchemist, also the vintage store C Madeleine’s which is basically like a museum of fashion.




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