Lightness-of-Dressing_fy2 Lightness-of-Dressing_fy7Lightness-of-Dressing_fy4Isn’t this the most beautiful manspiration? This porcelain faced, well-dressed gent immersed in a vibrant and exotic location has me wanting to a) book a holiday to SE Asia b) buy an ivory coloured suit and sling some marigolds around my neck.

I stumbled across these images whilst imbibing my usual morning bout of menswear literature. Today, I was looking for some shots of clean shaven faces rather than my usual grizzly faced guys, the reason being that I had just read an article in The Guardian warning “fashion conscious men”  that we have reached “peak beard”.

Yep the bearded fitties of yester-post are no longer en vogue. Girls, we have binge-bearded so much, that we have in fact overdosed on facial fuzz and it’s been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN (it’s on the internet therefore its true) that we are now more attracted to squeaky clean faces than ever before. In the words of the Spice Girls (it is Vicky B’s birthday after all) “Too much of something is bad (enough)”

Its worth taking note that said research has taken place in New South Wales, a fair distance from my native Europe, so I have decided to conduct my own counter research in Stockholm. If you would like to contribute, please join me! I will be on a bench in SoFo playing a barber themed game of Hot or Not. My findings will be hosted here in a few weeks – who’s with me?

Model Dominik Bauer, with not a hint of hair on his face, shot by Giovanni Squatriti for the latest issue of Essential Homme magazine.

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