francois-verkerk-CLEOEKIN_fy1As a girl, I’m very thankful that genetics has gifted me with minimal facial hair, but there are times when I am envious of my boyfriend’s big ginger, cast-away style beard. Beards to boys, are like shoes to girls. You can tell a lot about a man by the facial hair he keeps, and they make for a fantastic conversation starter and catalyst for compliments amongst the male peer group.

On multiple occasions, fellow bearded-boys have approached my bf to congratulate him on his unruly facial fuzz, to which he responds nonchalantly but noticeably puffs out his chest proud. When I ask him why men feel more comfortable commending one another’s faces over fashion, he tells me it’s because there is a mutual appreciation for the time and effort that goes into grooming a beard. Money, it turns out, cannot buy you this particular accessory, only a select few are gifted with such levels of testosterone. But, surely it’s just hair, I mean it just grows, right?francois-verkerk-CLEOEKIN_fy10 copy

Well according to the male grooming sections there’s no end of products you can wax, oil, comb and shampoo your chinny-chin-chin with. I must admit, when looking through editorial shots to include this week I was particularly drawn to those with bearded models, impressed by how rugged even the most preened moustache made the male in question look. And so it seems apt then, that with all this chat about fiery facial hair, that the second instalment of “If I were a boy” feature François Verkerk photographed by CLEOEKIN and styled by Altıparmak for the February issue of Esquire Turkey – credit where credit is due.



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