green-stuff_fy1There has been much talk of late about whether eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day is enough. Those of you who aren’t English may not be familiar with the UK’s governmental guidelines regarding how much roughage we should all be eating on a daily basis. When I was based in Britain, five portions were enough to keep you fit and healthy, but now there’s talk of ten being the recommended daily allowance to ward off disease. I love fruit n veg, but I can only imagine the gassy tummy aches and hours waisted chopping and peeling if I was to incorporate ten portions of it into my daily routine – ten is excessive, no? Particularly when article after article now informs me that the sugar in my daily smoothie is (I quote) “sweet poison” – *sigh*.  If you’re struggling to list ten fruit and ten veg, then I’m here to help! For fruitiliscious inspiration I found these pictures by Lucia Moretti who has shot the lovely Louis wearing the content of his fruit bowl, and some Emanuela Luzzi for Fucking Young! Onlinegreen-stuff_fy2green-stuff_fy3green-stuff_fy6green-stuff_fy8

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