An-Exploding-Body_fy5Hey everyone, so I’m back from a long weekend in the Arctic – yes, you heard me right, the ARCTIC. I will have a post with you shortly about how I braved -23*C and what I got up to in the hometown of Santa, but until I’ve curated my photographs, I wanted to share this picture by Bryan Huynh for ODDA magazine – isn’t it breathtaking? In my last post I featured a womenswear white-on-white look, all slouchy and masculine, well today’s menswear musing is distinctly feminine. Yes, if I were a boy I would wear the carte blanche trend like this. I would seek out a delicate lace blazer and wear feathers in my hair and hold roses in my hands. Basically if I were a boy, I would dress a bit like a girl. Go figure.

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