GRAMI am a marketers dream. No seriously. I can look at a shoe, and hey it’s just a shoe. But then I hear a story of craftsmanship, of sustainability, a rich heritage of design fuelled by passion, and before I know it I’ve spunked my salary on a new pair of flats! Roll up, roll up, sales folk I’m your ticket to easy commission!

That’s kind of how I got hooked on gram. I knew I’d seen their shoes around, and that I liked what they did, but it wasn’t until I got the down-low on the brand, that I became a fully fledged fan.


gram make shoes that bridge the gap between sneakers and brogues – they’re formal enough for the office, but as comfortable as your Nike. They’re centred around the concept of weight, with each model named after the shoe’s weight in grams – so mine are called 380g. Do you know how light that is? Very. It’s because they’ve got an expanded rubber sole.

They’re intelligently made shoes with attention to detail – take the insole for example, which has a foam cushion at the heel for added comfort. They’re also unisex, so totally up my street, and have a strong environmental ethos. gram are¬†Swedish, but have found fame in Asia and central Europe – countries where their bright colours and quirky details are perhaps most appreciated. Yep, my canvas snake skin print pair err on the demure side – they offer polka dots, bright orange soles and paisley if you’re after something bolder.

So are you sold? Are you swooning yet? You should be, and hell I won’t even take 10%.


I’m wearing: Snake Print Canvas Shoes by Gram, ASOS menswear cropped trousers, COS chunky rollneck and an¬†ASOS burgundy tuxedo jacket.


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