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I am a marketers dream. No seriously. I can look at a shoe, and hey it's just a shoe. But then I hear a story of craftsmanship, of sustainability, a rich heritage of design fuelled by passion, and before I know it I've spunked my salary on a new pair of flats! Roll up, roll up, sales folk I'm your ticket to easy commission! That's kind of how I got... ...READ MORE

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Shoes made to touch

Have you noticed that there's a trend in favour of the tactile at the moment? I feel like everything I pick up warrants a stroke. In fact the other day I went for a first meeting and found myself idly fondling the girl next to me's sleeve - not appropriate, when you've known someone for all of ten minutes! Touchy-feely fabrics come in varying guises; the chic shearling jacket that's... ...READ MORE

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Espadrilles by Lika Mimika

Europeans amongst you, let's be honest. This summer the weather has been distinctly average to say the least. All those trendy pool slides I invested in have been renegaded to the back of my shoe closet where they are gathering cobwebs until I migrate further south. In these transeasonal times it's virtually impossible to appropriately style your feet. It's too cold for sandals, but too depressing to be donning your... ...READ MORE

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The YMC Desert Boot

I have a total aversion to cowboy boots. I know that Chanel has gone and made Dallas fashionable, and I'm all up for fringes and Navajo, but I draw the line at the Texan boot, sorry I just do. The desert boot however is a whole other ball game. Western stitching injects a touch of the John Wayne without going overboard, and the ankle skimming length makes them perfect for... ...READ MORE

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Shall we Chanel?

Oh my days! Let's take minute to window shop shall we? To whimsically eye up these espadrilles and visualise how they would look slipped onto our feet. To envisage all the ankle baring pants we could pair with them, and the glamorous outings we would embark on. Ah, just imagine it. Now, let's calculate how long it would take to save up for said shoes. I figure if I lived... ...READ MORE

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Shoes for dancing.

Apologies for my absence online this last week, I have been taking a staycation in and around Stockholm, taking advantage of the double digit temperatures and long days of sunshine. This blog has been a bit heavy on the personal style element of late too, as my summer wardrobe becomes more robust and I acquire new pieces that I look forward to sharing with you. If you prefer to read... ...READ MORE

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Drop it like its hot.

I am a wee bit obsessed with drop-crotch pants. The spacious trouser shape should be so wrong, and yet looking like you've pooped your pants has never looked so right. For ages, the crotch-camp has been owned by the Ninja Warriors of the East. You know the ones, Japanese by origin and swathed in layer upon layer of Comme des Garcons fabrics and armed with yet to be released Samsung... ...READ MORE

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My kinda lace(s)

I popped in to visit the WHYRED showroom on Friday and when my friend Sofia came to greet me at the door, the first thing I clocked were her feet. Everything about her shoes were right. A combination of my favourite leather brogue with this season's sneaker shape, elevated on a barely there flatform, and in a spring relevant white - oh and let's not forget the subtle tan leather... ...READ MORE

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Top 10 Sk8ter girl slip-ons

[slideshow_deploy id='4163'] Giuseppe Zanotti calf skin slip ons, for £540 available here: ASH Jungle Bis Medusa Canvas slip ons, for£85 available here: GIVENCHY skate shoes in floral print with black leather for £415 available here: H&M panel faux leather slip ones for £19.99 available here: Vans unisex metallic flat slip-ons for £36 available here: NINE WEST metallic Brodie trainers for £95 available here: ASOS Dialog metallic plimsolls for £25 available here: HOGAN rebel Aphrodite Japanese patent trainers for... ...READ MORE

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Happy Birthday to me, and the Air Max 1

Next week it's my birthday (hooray!), but marginally more important, it's also the 27 year anniversary of the NIKE Air Max 1 sneaker. With the sportswear movement in full swing, the sneaker brand has never been more fashionable, but of course the Air Max is more than just a trainer-trend, it's also an incredibly innovative running shoe. The concept of "air" was imagined by aerospace engineer Frank Rudy, who during a... ...READ MORE

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Minimarket’s cut out shoes

I have been a bit slack on introducing you to Scandinavian labels of late (my bad), but today's post should more than make up for my absence - meet Minimarket. Minimarket was founded back in 2006 by three Swedish sisters, Sofie, Jennifer, and Pernilla Elvestedt, and since launching has won the Elle Sweden award for "Best New Designer" and more latterly "Best Designer". Floral bomber jackets, slouchy dresses and sleek trenches... ...READ MORE

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Fringed monks by Pollini

Pinch me I'm dreaming, these shoes are literally the most gorgeous flats I've seen in a while. It's Milan Fashion Week so it seems only apt that I include a pair of shoes from an Italian brand (even if the Creative Director is of British origin). Pollini is a traditional Italian footwear label that's been around since the 50's. Once under the helm of Jonathan Saunders,  SS11 saw Nicholas Kirkwood... ...READ MORE

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Topshop Kinky cut out low shoes

I'm coming back to London for Fashion Week - hooray! This means a few things for an otherwise Stockholm based somebody 1) I will be able to drink a glass of wine (hell a bottle of wine) for less than a tenner 2) I can trade in my "fil" yoghurt and granola for a proper eggs Benedict for brekki (yum yum) and 3) I get to go SHOPPING! Yes, Scandinavia... ...READ MORE

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Fine art footwear

"Art" is set to be a trademark trend for S/S 2014, with Prada, Chanel and Celine drawing inspiration from the artistic world. The look is not reserved to the catwalk alone though, Christian Louboutin has collaborated with photographer Peter Lippman on a gorgeous, flower-themed lookbook that pays homage to the most distinctive paintings of the Older Masters, including Van Gogh, Pissarro, Monet and Cezanne. Which is your favourite? [slideshow_deploy id='3261'] Keep... ...READ MORE

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Chloe neoprene slides

It wasn't that long ago that I wrote an article about the hottest SS14 footwear trend - the pool slide. If you are thinking of splashing the cash on a pair, then these ones by Chloe are the most beautiful on the market. The Chloe neoprene black and gold slides are available at and cost £560 ...READ MORE

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