There’s something bizarrely comforting about wearing an all-in-one. The rise of the onesie on every student, festival-goer and stoner is testament to this. Yes, you can christen it a jumpsuit or a playsuit, but the fact of the matter is, the one-piece is a baby grow just in a larger size, with a prettier print.

It’s funny how a garment marketed to a  demographic of 0 to 18months has become such a fashionable staple for us adults. It’s the Peter Pan of dressing – a bit maternity-wear meets toddler chic, but when YSL gives the grow a big thumbs up, you know it’s ok to slip one on.

Here’s some fun textile trivia for you – the playsuit was invented, and consequently made fashionable, in 1919. Thayaht (aka the Italian designer Ernesto Michahelles) started crafting what was then called the TuTa, marketing it as a futuristic choice of clothing for the masse, but instead of fashioning the poor, it took off with high Florentine society. The TuTa, or today’s jumpsuit, has since been reinvented by some of international’s biggest designer names. bikeAnd so here I am, in my very own TuTa. The playsuit I’m sporting is from Great Plains and it’s become my feminine staple for cycling around Stockholm. I’m wearing it with SWEAR buckle up shoes, a Topshop denim jacket and my bespoke Wool & the Gang backpack.




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