superdrysuperdry2superdry3Fashion is all very well and good, ┬ábut if you can’t actually do stuff in it, then it’s pretty redundant if you ask me. Gawd, that’s not a very “fashion blogger-esque” thing to say is it? But it’s true. I love to flounce around with the best of them, but if honest on the weekend nothing floats my proverbial boat more than clambering into some comfortable clothing and setting off on a hike. Menswear of course tends to come into its own on such occasion. An oversized, jumper constructed from premium fabrics, or roomy trousers with that extra bit of stretch, are perfect for setting off on an adventure – sometimes, clothes built for boys just feel better. As fellow girls in menswear will attest, borrowing from the boys can be comfortable, practical but stylish too.

For today’s look I am headed off into the forest to explore the wilderness (conveniently located thirty minutes by bus from central Stockholm). I’m wearing menswear trousers by Publish and a jumper by Superdry (a casual clothing brand who is having a bit of a moment). I’ve got my trusty Grenson boots on, which got rather mucky on my walk – question, how do I get rid of the stains on the soles!?! And, I’m also wearing my waterproof wax jacket by Brixtol.

Shop: Equally awesome Grensons available here, Publish menswear joggers available here, Superdry jumper here, Brixtol menswear wax jacket available here.

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