Air Max 3.26-01[1][2][2]

Next week it’s my birthday (hooray!), but marginally more important, it’s also the 27 year anniversary of the NIKE Air Max 1 sneaker. With the sportswear movement in full swing, the sneaker brand has never been more fashionable, but of course the Air Max is more than just a trainer-trend, it’s also an incredibly innovative running shoe.

The concept of “air” was imagined by aerospace engineer Frank Rudy, who during a visit to Nike’s World Headquarters, presented a pair of running shoes fitted with a prototype Air-Sole unit. The “air” concept was reimagined and redesigned for over a decade before becoming the first Air Max 1. Of course the original sneaker has been updated on an annual basis to become the footwear accessory du jour (for sporty-types, or stylish-types (or both)) – I mean how many of you are currently rocking a pair? I know I am inseparable from my Theas.

To celebrate the anniversary of the iconic sneaker style, the included limited edition pair will be available at select Nike stores and online.Air_Max_3.26-02_large

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