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Fashion Sunday

Women in business. It’s a hot, hot topic at the moment, and rightly so – thanks to the Emma Watsons, Caitlin Morans and Lena Dunhams of our generation, the issue of the female gender in the workplace has become a headline issue. Particularly women and entrepreneurship; women reportedly make up less than a third of those in self employment (link), but this recent article on suggests that companies spearheaded... ...READ MORE

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You’re gonna hear me ROOOOOOAR!

I don't normally feature two outfit posts in a row, but I couldn't hold off writing about this particular look. See I'm a tad obsessed with a new collection of silk shirts I have acquired from a new British brand called Silken Favours. I was caught in an instagram black hole, (as often happens) when I stumbled across a photo of a mint green cowboy shirt adorned with tassels, pink... ...READ MORE

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There’s a new gang in town

  [caption id="attachment_5010" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Aurelie and Jade at the Wool and the Gang HQ[/caption] Since I discovered Wool and the Gang back in January this year, the posse of knitters seem to be cropping up all over the shop; A feature in the sidebar of The Sunday Times Style section, a link from one of my favourite bloggers and a celebrity collaboration with some of my favourite British designers... ...READ MORE

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Ways to wear a white shirt

My good friend Julia, from the blog Stylonylon, informed me the other day that she has never owned a white shirt - I know, crazy right? It's hardly a secret that a white shirt is my style staple and I have an extensive collection that I treasure. So when she received this beautiful one from Dawson D Rose, we chatted through how she would style it for various occasions and concluded... ...READ MORE

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PAPER Planes

I wrote a post a few months back questioning whether or not my (let's call it) petite frame could handle the cut of the culotte, and was delighted when the lovely lasses over at PAPER London offered to help me out with a pair to experiment with. If you haven't heard of Kelly Townsend and Phillipa Thakeray's London label, than you can thank me later for this particular introduction. PAPER... ...READ MORE

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Short ‘n Suit

When my phone is on shuffle it can deliver some rather embarrassing results (namely in the realms of Miley Cyrus ballads circa 2013), but today whilst I was making breakfast it graced me with Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" - if I could whistle you a section (slightly out of tune) I would, just in case you're confusing it with Will Smith or Ella Fitzgerald's summer themed hits. It can... ...READ MORE

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