WHYRED market themselves as a brand that marries art, music and tailoring – like so many fashion brand these days, they’ve elevated themselves from “fashion brand” to “art collective”, offering consumers a lifestyle in addition to clothing. The Swedish brand create collections for both sexes, often featuring unisex pieces and sharing fabrics, prints and cuts across their menswear and womenswear lines. WHYRED has had a turbulent few years, yo-yoing financially and showing collections that have been met with a sceptic reception, but this season I believe they’ve created something rather special – and sellable too.


Opening Stockholm Fashion Week, the brand presented a collection centring around their signature fusion of tailoring and casual wear. Most looks for both women and men focused on the sartorial two-piece suit. The colour palette was made up of muted tones of grey, brown, black, white, navy and camel, with the occasional injection of metallic khakis, pinks and purples. Prints appeared in the format of Pollock like splatters for the men, and zig-zagging lines, plaids and checks for both sexes. Heritage fabrics were employed for the suiting and felt luxurious, with contrast panelling, leather details and fur occasionally employed creating a premium and exclusive feel.Whyred7Whyred9

WHYRED site uniforms as a source of inspiration for their collections – well if this is next seasons uniform then you can sign me up now! Girls who love menswear, I’m sure you will agree.


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